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Dr. John Rugge (Source:  Hudson Headwaters)
Dr. John Rugge (Source: Hudson Headwaters)

Rugge: NY healthcare must change

Despite the fierce opposition to some of the state health commission's recommendations, nobody contests that changes are needed to the state's health care system. Many of New York's hospitals are in bankruptcy, and a majority of the nursing homes operate at a loss. Dr. John Rugge, of the Hudson Headwaters system of community-based clinics, has been appointed to serve on a panel advising Gov.-elect Eliot Spitzer's transition team. He's one of three physicians serving on Spitzer's 26-person health care advisory committee.
Martha Foley talked with him about the commission's recommendations. He welcomed the revolutionary scope of the report, but he said it'll take many years to "fix" health care in the state.  Go to full article

Books: Albert of Ogdensburg

A new book by a Morristown writer offers a brief glimpse into Ogdensburg's past and the author's family history. Todd Moe talks with Joe McDonald about his book, Albert of Ogdensburg.  Go to full article

Contract dispute remains ugly at Clarkson

Unionized workers opened a new front yesterday in their contract dispute with Clarkson University. The Civil Service Employees Union launched a website detailing their opposition to last summer's contract offer. The two sides are about $40,000 apart, or roughly the price of tuition, books, room and board for one student. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Life as a chimney sweep

If you have a wood stove, it's the time of year to scrape the creosote out of your chimney. Chimney sweep Al Piercey has a saying: the first time he falls off a roof will be...  Go to full article

Multimillion dollar parasite fight continues

One of the most destructive invasive species in the Great Lakes was also the first one to arrive. The sea lamprey invaded the Lakes more than a hundred years ago, and no...  Go to full article

Good looking, great personality - heritage turkeys measure up

Brian and Ann Bennett raise heritage turkeys at their organic farm, Bittersweet Farm in St. Lawrence County. They also raise chickens, and regular big, white toms for the...  Go to full article

Massena expected to be spared Alcoa cuts

A spokesman for Alcoa says the 6,700 job cuts announced yesterday should not affect the company's two plants in Massena. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Court ruling clouds Ogdensburg sex offender lock-up

New York's highest court ruled yesterday the state wrongly kept violent sex offenders in psychiatric facilities after their prison sentences ended. In a prepared statement,...  Go to full article
Bob Andrews, new grandfather, on his new feeding pad.

A Year on the Farm: life and death (and life)

Farming is, really, the story of the life cycle. Planting and harvesting. Calving and slaughtering. Barns are raised. Some eventually fall back to the earth. David...  Go to full article

Framing Latin America's Left for the North

Bush nemesis Hugo Chavez is giving free heating oil to Akwesasne, Daniel Ortega's back in Nicaragua, and Democratic control of Congress could alter free trade with Latin...  Go to full article

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