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Story 2.0: News Updates


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Story 2.0: A family farm stays true to its mission

Today we give you another installment in our "Story 2.0" series, where we revisit a story from the NCPR news archives. This time, we check in with Ray and Stephanie Hill and their small dairy farm in West Potsdam. Here's an excerpt from a May 2008 story by reporter Kinna Ohmann.  Go to full article

Story 2.0: the hows and whys of ash borer research

New York scientists have been on the alert for the Emerald ash borer since it appeared in Michigan in 2002. Gregory Warner went to the Syracuse in 2005 to track the beetle with DEC researchers. In our latest Story 2.0, here's what he found out about how they were looking for the beetle, and more on why they're worried.  Go to full article
Sharlene and Randy Carpenter and their granddaughter, Riley.

A Year of Hard Choices: Checking in with the Carpenters

Yesterday in the first installment of our Year of Hard Choices series, we heard economics professor Greg Gardner say manufacturing jobs have been the early victims of the recession in the North Country. General Motors in Massena and Covidien in Watertown are shutting down entirely. Alcoa and New York Air Brake have laid off workers. Corning halved its workforce in 2008. That means hundreds of people around the North Country can no longer rely on a steady wage. They'll spend less at stores, theaters, restaurants, and car dealerships. Their lean times trickle down to local businesses, which may then suffer layoffs of their own. Sharlene Carpenter got her pink slip from Corning in late December, just a few months after her husband, Randy, lost his job at a local pallet mill. For today's installment in our Year of Hard Choices series, we check back with Sharlene and Randy Carpenter at their home in Heuvelton. As David Sommerstein reports, their time off of work hasn't been so bad, but tough choices loom ahead.  Go to full article

Story 2.0: Making pellets from switchgrass

The federal stimulus package and President Obama's budget provides billions dollars for green energy, including a 6 billion dollar loan guarantee program for renewables and...  Go to full article
Rabbi Levertov blowtorching the plant in 2003.  Now it's closed due to health violations.

Story 2.0: kosher plant closed for lack of cleanliness

Last Friday, state agriculture agents shut down the kosher cheese plant in Ogdensburg. Agents seized more than 25,000 pounds of cheese deemed unfit for human consumption...  Go to full article
Bird flu is still a big story in Asia

Story 2.0: Avian flu pandemic still a risk, as public attention wanes

A scientist at the Trudeau Institute in Saranac Lake will receive $1.8 million from the National Institutes of Health to continue studying the effects of aging on...  Go to full article

Story 2.0: drunk driving still problem at Fort Drum

Last year, Fort Drum began posting the names and photos of soldiers who were arrested for drunk driving while intoxicated in the post newspaper. The unusual step was taken...  Go to full article
The "Drop the Rock" campaign seeks repeal of harsh Rockefeller-era drug laws

Story 2.0: Governor Paterson wants to change the Rockefeller drug laws

The governor's State of the State Address this week triggers our latest installment of Story 2.0. It's a new series, revisiting stories that North Country Public Radio has...  Go to full article

Story 2.0: CITGO to suspend free fuel to Akwesasne?

A piece of news yesterday brings us the next installment of our new series, "Story 2.0". We're revisiting stories from the North Country Public Radio archive to see what's...  Go to full article

Story 2.0: pursuing a deer disease, and those who ate the venison chili

To kick off the new year, we begin a new occasional series. It's called Story 2.0. We'll review stories our news team has filed in the past. Then we'll follow up with the...  Go to full article

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