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SUNY Canton is a small coeducational college of science and technology in Canton NY, offering both two and four-year undergraduate degrees. This unit of the State University of New York is widely noted for programs in veterinary science, nursing, mortuary science and criminal justice.

Special Reports

Farm equipment repair
The School of Agriculture, Canton NY
SUNY Canton started life as The School of Agriculture in 1906. This slideshow is part of a display from the school archives presented at the Third Annual Symposium on Education, Environment and Economic Vitality in April 2005.
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Teaching Technology: Just Throw Tomatoes
A class at SUNY Canton gives high school students a chance to grapple with real engineering problems, but with a seasonal twist. Students have to design and build a catapult to launch rotten tomatoes the furthest.
Dr. Stephen Ledoux. Photo via <a href="">SUNY Canton</a>
Dr. Stephen Ledoux. Photo via SUNY Canton

What's behaviorology and how can it help solve global problems?

SUNY Canton's Sustainability Lecture Series continues tonight with a talk about using behaviorology, the study of natural science explanations of behavior, to face global challenges like climate change and overpopulation. Stephen Ledoux is Professor of Behaviorology at SUNY-Canton and has written a new book, "Running Out of Time: Introducing Behaviorology to Help Solve Global Problems." He spoke with Todd Moe about the benefits of expanding the "roundtable" of natural sciences to include behaviorology.  Go to full article
Natalie Higley, vice president for Business Affairs and Administration for SUNY Canton & SUNY Potsdam. Photo provided by SUNY Potsdam

SUNY VP pleads not guilty to theft charges

SUNY Canton and SUNY Potsdam Vice President for Business Affairs Natalie Higley is pleading not guilty to charges of theft. Higley's been accused of stealing from Bainbridge State College in Georgia, where she used to work.  Go to full article
County officials and others at the panel in Canton on Feb. 5, 2014. Photo: David Sommerstein

How St. Lawrence County officials hope to counteract poverty

Late last year, the Associated Press wrote that income inequality in the United States is at its worst since the 1920s.

Poverty is nothing new in St. Lawrence County: It's struggled economically for decades. The county has one of the highest unemployment rates in New York state, and people lean heavily here on social services. At a recent panel discussion at SUNY Canton, six of the people tasked with providing those services talked about how to deal with the problems the county's poorest residents are facing.  Go to full article
Natalie Higley, vice president for Business Affairs and Administration for SUNY Canton & SUNY Potsdam. Photo provided by SUNY Potsdam

SUNY Canton, Potsdam vice president accused of theft

The woman in charge of finances at both SUNY Canton and SUNY Potsdam has been indicted on theft charges in Georgia. Natalie Higley is charged with stealing from the state...  Go to full article
SUNY Canton Assistant Librarian Michael Magilligan interviews Otis E. Van Horne, Canton, a 1942 graduate and former SUNY Canton instructor, about his experiences serving during World War II.  Photo: Greg Kie

War stories: SUNY Canton's veterans' living history project

SUNY Canton will pay tribute to North Country World War II veterans with a Living History Ceremony Friday night in advance of Veterans Day. Todd Moe talks with librarian...  Go to full article
Aaron Calderon, Malik McKenzie, and Sabel Bong, of SUNY Canton, prepare to march down Main Street. Photo: David Sommerstein

How human trafficking happens all around us

According to a study by Hofstra University, more than 11,000 people in New York State have been victims of human trafficking since 2000. They may have been sex workers, or...  Go to full article
Assemblywoman Addie Russell.

Russell says separate SUNY presidencies will be preserved, for now

North Country Assemblywoman Addie Russell says she's talked with State University of New York Chancellor Nancy Zimphor about preserving separate presidents at the SUNY...  Go to full article
Switchgrass. Photo: <a href="">eXtension Farm Energy</a>, CC  <a href="">some rights reserved</a>

Emissions a problem in using grass as fuel

North Country farmers working with Cornell Cooperative Extension have been raising switchgrass for years. This region is a good one for growing grass. And there's lots of...  Go to full article
Myrtle Butterfield, with her great-granddaughter Jamie (left) and great-grandson Carter. All are attending SUNY Canton. Photo: Gregory Kie

A new love of learning, at 83

A Canton great-grandmother will earn her associate degree from SUNY Canton in a few weeks, and says she wants to continue her higher education. 83-year-old Myrtle Butterfield...  Go to full article
Adam Levin. Photo courtesy the author

Chicago writer Adam Levin visits SUNY Canton

SUNY Canton will host Chicago writer Adam Levin on Wednesday night as part of their "Living Writers Reading Series." Levin is the author of the award-winning The...  Go to full article

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