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27th Light Infantry, NYS Army National Guard

Elements of the New York and the Vermont National Guard face lengthy and hazardous tours in overseas war zones for the first time since World War II.

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Special Reports

Photo/Audio Diary
An Iraq Diary
Maj. Eric Olsen is chaplain to a battalion of the New York Army National Guard stationed in the Sunni Triangle north of Baghdad. His thirty-part audio diary begins in 2004. He and his family live in Saranac Lake.

Army may pull NC air med-evac support

The North Country could soon lose one of only two air med-evac providers. The region has been covered by Life Flight - a non-profit that uses one state-police helicopter based in Saranac Lake. And by MAST - the "Military Assistance to Safety and Traffic" unit based at Fort Drum. Last year, Army officials indicated the MAST unit would be transferred to a training facility in Washington State. As Jonathan Brown reports, this could leave Jefferson, Lewis and St Lawrence Counties without critical back up med-evac flights.  Go to full article

Jeffco lawmaker slams door on more deputies

This year, thousands of Fort Drum troops are returning from war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Worried about the strain on housing and jobs, local officials are asking where these soldiers and their families will live and work. Crime is another big concern. Jefferson County Sheriff John Burns says the number of incidents ranging from domestic violence to car accidents will increase. He's warned the legislature that the county's population boom is placing demands on his department that current staff levels find it harder to meet. But Chairman of the County Legislature, Kent Burto says he just doesn't see the need right now for more deputies.  Go to full article

JeffCo sheriff: understaffed for crime spike

Around 9,000 troops are expected back in Jefferson County by August. They'll be returning from war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Military and local law-enforcement officials are working together, trying to prevent the rise in crime other communities have experienced when soldiers come home.
County Sheriff John Burns remains worried, though. Problems ranging from domestic violence to car accidents could spike. And Burns says his department is short-staffed and isn't getting enough money to deal with Jefferson County's population boom.  Go to full article

Returning soldiers face another fight: reacclimation

As many as 9,000 troops are expected to return to Fort Drum from Iraq and Afghanistan by the end of August. Speculation has run rampant on the impact this influx will have on...  Go to full article

Clinton, McHugh critical of Bush war plans

New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton says she'll introduce legislation capping the number of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. She and North Country congressman John McHugh held a...  Go to full article

Guard Heads To Mexico Border

The Glens Falls Post Star is reporting this morning that National Guardsmen from the North Country will be sent to Arizona to help patrol the US-Mexico border. Brian...  Go to full article
Welcome home ceremony January 2005

Iraq Diary, Pt. 30: A Year-Long Homecoming For Iraq War Reservists

On January 2nd, 2005, six hundred and seventy soldiers with the 2nd of the 108th National Guard battalion celebrated their return from the war in Iraq with a ceremony at Fort...  Go to full article
Nathan Brown (Source: NBC News)

NBC Tells North Country Story of War and Home

NBC News broadcast an hour-long documentary last night called "To War And Back". It told the stories of seven National Guard soldiers from Glens Falls who served in Iraq. As...  Go to full article

Heard Up North: Soldiers Come Home

Members of the New York National Guard's 42nd Infantry Divison came home from a year in Iraq last week.  Go to full article
The briefing room.

Soldiers Learn to be Media Savvy

Fort Drum is getting ready for a series of massive deployments that will position more than half of its force overseas. This week 3,000 soldiers in the 1st Brigade leave for...  Go to full article

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