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Tim teaches at the University of Vermont and is the author of three books: Catching My Breath: An Asthmatic Explores His Illness, Signs of Life: A Memoir of Dying and Discovery and A Hell of a Place to Lose a Cow.

Tim Brookes
Tim Brookes

Keeping Old Roads Alive

There's new talk about old roads in Vermont. Local officials in Chester called a meeting last week to discuss efforts to find and protect old rights of way. Some of them go back hundreds of years. The new maps have surprised some landowners who had no idea there might be an old byway running through their property. News of the effort to preserve these so-called ancient roads brought to mind a story from commentator Tim Brookes. He lives on a dirt road himself, and regularly does his part to keep more obscure roadways alive - by using them.  Go to full article

Commentary: Revenge of the Driveway, Revisited

Commentator Tim Brookes' installments of the "Driveway Diaries" have come to an end on our website, but he has a final chapter for listeners: "The Revenge of the Driveway", in which the driveway eats the pond.  Go to full article

Commentary: Dirt Roads

Commentator Tim Brookes on dirt roads--one of the reasons he lives in Vermont.  Go to full article

Commentary: Exploring

Tim Brookes is a radio commentator and a teacher--and a successful travel writer. His latest book, A Hell of a Place to Lose a Cow, is a funny and insightful account...  Go to full article

Commentary: TV or Not TV?

Finding yourself in front of the TV a lot during the Winter Olympics? Commentator Tim Brookes shares his thoughts on watching television.  Go to full article

Commentary: Snow and Ice

Commentator Tim Brookes on problem driveways in the winter--if it isn't snow, it's the ice.  Go to full article

Commentary: Nature Man Invents Survivor in 1913

Another season of the hit TV series "Survivor" has come and gone, and still nobody has pointed out that the concept was invented in northern New England by a guy called Joe...  Go to full article

Commentary: The Valcours: 19th Century Idealists

Commentator Tim Brookes tells the tale of a late 19th century "free love" commune near Lake Champlain.  Go to full article

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