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Tom French was raised on an island in the St. Lawrence River. He lives in Potsdam, teaches 7th grade English in Massena, and summers in the 1000 Islands. His writing has appeared in numerous publications and he is a member of the band, The Buoyrockers. He enjoys spending time with his family, writing, skiing, hiking, and playing guitar.

Commentary: An immigrant's lesson in values

Standardized test scores released yesterday show unexpected strength among middle school immigrants just learning English. Commentator Tom French has one of those immigrants in class this year, and has learned lessons that cross the language barrier.  Go to full article

Commentary: all that stuff on eBay

In his continuous search for extra cash, commentator Tom French has recently taken to selling things on eBay.  Go to full article

Drawing the Line on Campaign Signs

Pumpkins, leaf piles, soccer moms... and campaign placards. Commentator Tom French draws the line in these last signs of the season.  Go to full article

Commentary: Reality TV Shows

Channel surfing, you might have happened on a recent entry in the seemingly endless lineup of reality TV shows. Commentator Tom French has found "Nanny-9-11", "Super Nanny"...  Go to full article

Commentary: On Santa

We start this next part of the show with a warning: the following may not be appropriate for small children. You see, for the next two and a half minutes, commentator Tom...  Go to full article

Commentary: Fear

Commentator Tom French says he used to be reasonably daring, not afraid. But not any more. Too often he's hung up on things that never used to frighten him - parties,...  Go to full article

Commentary: The North Woods Diet

It seems like everyone has a new diet - the South Beach diet, the Atkins diet, the Zone, Dean Cornish. Low fat. Low carb. Low cal. There are many to choose from. ...  Go to full article

Commentary: The Big Four-Oh

It's the season for class reunions...brace yourself. It's shocking, how classmates age. Commentator Tom French got a real eye-opener while leafing through his college...  Go to full article

Commentary: Family History and Lore

Like all families, life-long North Country resident Tom French's family has a rich history, but recently he has begun to question some of the details. But whether fact or...  Go to full article

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