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Wind Power
Aug 18, 2014 — The state produces a lot of energy, but environmentalists and the oil industry are joining to combat wind power companies as they try to expand.
Jun 18, 2014 — The U.S. Department of the Interior says the new Massachusetts Wind Energy Area would be auctioned off in four leases. It includes more than 1,000 square miles of ocean.
Dec 17, 2013 — One former anti-nuke activist says the world can't afford to dismiss nuclear power, if we're to rein in global warming. Nuclear plants provide a more reliable energy supply than wind or solar, he says, and without the high carbon emissions that fossil fuels produce.
Dec 11, 2013 — California plans to get 33 percent of its electricity from wind and solar power by 2020. But that will only work if the state can economically store some of the energy for release on cloudy, windless days.
Nov 30, 2013 — Renewable energy has become a $220 billion a year industry. But to significantly slow climate change, the power of wind, solar and other renewable sources must vastly expand. Some say the tech breakthroughs needed are on the horizon, though a top economist sees a tougher road ahead.

Special Reports

wind tower
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Life beneath the Tug Hill wind turbines
David Sommerstein talks with neighbors of the Maple Ridge windfarm on the Tug Hill Plateau to find out what it's like living with the new energy technology in your own back yard.
heather root
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Lifting giant windmills into the sky
Noble Environmental Power has is erecting 122 wind turbines in an energy park in western Clinton County. David Sommerstein was there as turbine #6 went up.
A demonstration wind turbine in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Photo: Julie Grant
A demonstration wind turbine in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Photo: Julie Grant

Offshore wind energy faces setbacks in Great Lakes

The U.S. doesn't yet generate one watt of energy from commercial offshore wind.

A few years ago, it looked like the Great Lakes might lead the nation. Pennsylvania was among a handful of states working with federal agencies to speed up the process.

As recently as this spring, construction of a wind farm in Lake Erie, off the Ohio shoreline near Cleveland, looked promising. But now, there's doubt there will be any wind development in the Great Lakes.  Go to full article
The proposed transmission route runs from Plattsburgh under Lake Champlain to Burlington. Map: <a href="">Anbaric Transmission</a>

Underwater line could supply New England with NY wind power

A Massachusetts company wants to build an underwater transmission line from Plattsburgh to Burlington. The line could give New York state energy producers access to a new market.  Go to full article
The Maple Ridge Wind Farm has brought millions of dollars to local governments in Lewis County and changed the landscape dramatically. Photo: David Sommerstein

Wind farm a windfall to Lewis County communities

Wind farms are a touchy subject in the North Country. As the town of Cape Vincent wrestles with a potential project, in neighboring Lewis County another wind farm has been operating for seven years. The Maple Ridge Wind Farm has brought some big changes to its community.  Go to full article
Richard Chandler, director of business development for BP Wind Energy North America, gives a presentation on the proposed Cape Vincent Wind Farm project at a firehouse in Three Mile Bay. Photo: Joanna Richards

BP to push forward with Cape Vincent wind project

Earlier this month, energy company BP announced its entire renewables division was up for sale. At a recent public meeting on the proposed Cape Vincent Wind Farm, a BP...  Go to full article
This past fall, 70 new wind turbines went up in Clinton, NY. Photo: Sarah Harris

Nearing fiscal cliff, wind industry waits

Uncertainty over the future of production tax credits for wind energy producers has lead to a major industry slowdown. Now, the tax credit's fate is bogged down in...  Go to full article
70 new wind turbines dot the horizon in Clinton, NY. Photo: Sarah Harris

Expiring tax credits blow ill wind

The Route 11 corridor has seen a lot of wind development over the past few years. Developers have been busy securing sites, building roads, and trucking turbine materials in....  Go to full article
Photo: David Chanatry.  The Maple Ride Wind Farm in Lewis County has had a positive effect on property values, unlike projects in other counties.

Study shows wind turbines have mixed affect on property values

Wind power projects have been controversial in the North Country ever since the Maple Ridge Wind Farm started turning in Lewis County more than five years ago. One of the big...  Go to full article

Cape Vincent struggles with wind power divide

Small communities across the North Country, from Burke in the east to Hammond in the west, have been deeply divided over wind power development.
The disputes pit...  Go to full article
Conservation biologist Todd Katzner of West Virginia University shows off the Golden eagle's seven-foot wing span. (Photo by Nancy Eve Cohen)

Golden eagle helps site wind turbines

After a farmer found an injured Golden eagle in New York this winter, wildlife veterinarians in Massachusetts treated the bird. And a biologist outfitted it with a GPS...  Go to full article
Tim Helfter, Hopkinton, (center) has strong objections to the wind power project.

Critical crowd greets wind company in Parishville

A skeptical public greeted wind power representatives Saturday in St. Lawrence County. Iberdrola Renewables says it's in "the earliest stages" of developing an industrial...  Go to full article

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