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The Strike at the Finch, Pryun Paper Mill

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NLRB Rejects Union Complaints at Finch, Pryun

The legal wrangling continues in the wake of the failed Finch, Pruyn strike in Glens Falls. This week, the National Labor Relations Board rejected complaints filed by the union at the timber company. As Brian Mann reports, Finch, Pruyn still faces legal action over the way workers are being rehired.  Go to full article

Strike End Leaves Uncertainty in Glens Falls, 11/23/01
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On Wednesday, hundreds of union members voted to end a six-month strike and accept a new contract that includes deep cuts in pay and insurance coverage. Even with a new contract, many union workers are wondering when and if they'll be rehired. Brian Mann profiles Glens Falls, a town that many say has been damaged economically, and divided socially.

Strike Ends at Finch, Pruyn, 11/22/01
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Unions at Finch, Pruyn voted Wednesday to end a bitter, six month strike. The decision is seen as a major defeat for the unions.

PACE Union Rejects Finch, Pryun's Latest Offer, 11/19/01
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The 450-member PACE union, the largest of the seven unions on strike at the Finch, Pruyn and Company paper mill, has rejected the company's latest contract offer. Brian Mann reports.

Finch-Pryun Hires Replacements Despite Union Concessions, 11/14/01
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Talks between the Finch-Pruyn paper mill and unions representing 600 striking workers turned ugly yesterday. The unions agreed to meet many of the company's demands, only to hear that Finch-Pryun has hired hundreds of replacement workers. Brian Mann reports.

Finch-Pryun Strike Talks Wind Up; No deal in Sight, 10/25/01
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Two days of talks have ended in Lake George, as Finch Pruyn and the paper mill's unions work to negotiate a new contract. After nearly five months, the unions are still on the picket line. As Brian Mann reports, both sides are offering concessions, but a deal is unlikely any time soon.

Finch-Pruyn Seeks Permanent Replacements for Strikers, 10/22/01
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Officials with Finch Pruyn say they'll fire up the fourth paper machine today at their mill in Glens Falls. The move will return the plant to full capacity, despite a strike that has left six hundred workers off the job. The company now says it will begin hiring permanent replacement workers. As Brian Mann reports, union members are worried but still defiant.

No End in Sight for Finch Pruyn Strike, 10/9/01
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After months of stalled negotiations, the Finch Pruyn paper mill in Glenns Falls is urging workers to accept a new contract offer. The company is also threatening to hire permanent replacement workers. As Brian Mann reports, union leaders say the deal isn't good enough.

No End in Sight for Three-Month-Long Finch Pruyn Strike, 9/6/01
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The strike at the Finch Pruyn mill in Glens Falls is approaching the three month mark. With no talks scheduled, workers are organizing winter coat and food drives for union families. Brian Mann reports.

Sabotage Suspected in Paper Mill Strike, 7/31/01
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Police are investigating a case of suspected of sabotage at the Finch Pruyn mill in Glens Falls. A strike at the paper mill is in its seventh week with more than six-hundred workers off the job. Brian Mann has details.

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