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Nigel Mumford healing. Photo: Susan Collins
Nigel Mumford healing. Photo: Susan Collins

Faith and healing in a North Country church

Every week in churches across the North Country, people gather to pray for miracles. The idea that faith can heal broken bodies and cure disease isn't just found in evangelical congregations. More main-line Protestants -- and even some physicians -- are experimenting with prayer as a form of therapy. Brian Mann attended a healing session at an Episcopal Church in Saranac Lake.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 12/26/06

A new airline will soon fly into the North Country... A member of Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer's transition team talks about the North Country perspective he brings to the team... And the conclusion of our series 'A Year on the Farm.'  Go to full article

Giving Voice: How to do a poetry reading

To the extent that poets can be said to have work to be going off to, a main part of the job description is public performance. It's a curious kind of show biz--"the poe-biz" as one poet calls it. Dale Hobson decided to talk with some area poets to get their best advice on how to do the deed. Participants in this master class are Duriel Harris and Albert Glover of St. Lawrence University, Robert Strong from SUNY Canton, Joe Duemer from Clarkson University, and Maurice Kenny from SUNY Potsdam.  Go to full article

Debating evolution and creationism in the Adirondacks

The debate over evolution and creationism is one of the most passionate and divisive in American society. Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection is taught in public schools and most universities as scientific fact. The vast majority of biologists are convinced that living creatures evolved over hundreds of millions of years. But surveys regularly find that most Americans believe otherwise. They're convinced that God somehow shaped human development. The tension between science and faith often sparks fierce arguments, fueling protests and lawsuits. But at Paul Smiths College, in the Adirondacks, a scientist and a Christian church elder have translated their disagreement into a long-running collaboration and a deep friendship. Brian Mann tells their story.  Go to full article

Transition in New York: Health Care

On January 1st, New York will inaugurate a new Governor for the first time in 12 years. Eliot Spitzer has made big promises for the future of the state. His campaign slogan was "On Day One, Everything Changes." Spitzer picked several hundred people to give their advice as members of the incoming administration's transition team. This week, we'll talk with four North Country representatives of that team. We start with Dr. John Rugge of the Hudson Headwaters system of community based clinics. He's one of three physicians on the 26-person health care transition committee. Martha Foley talked with Dr. Rugge last month, after a state commission released its recommendations to close hospitals and nursing homes and revamp health care in New York. He welcomed the revoluntionary scope of the report, but said it'll take many years to "fix" health care in the state.  Go to full article

Holiday music with Barb and Danny

Barb Heller and Danny Gotham help kick off the Christmas weekend with music.  Go to full article

State deal to conserve 51,000 more acres of wilderness

Governor Pataki yesterday announced details of the deal to protect another 51,000 acres of forestland in St. Lawrence County. According to the agreement, the state will pay $6.5 million for a conservation easement from global timber firm Rayonier. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article


Canton police say the robbery of a village bank yesterday was "a serious crime." The suspects allegedly tied up bank employees after brandishing a gun to force their way in. Jonathan Brown has more.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 12/19/06

Political wrangling in Albany over charter schools... The search for snow in the North Country... And Heard Up North: Lighting the Chanukiah.  Go to full article

Clarkson?s CSEA approves contract

Members of the Civil Service Employees Union at Clarkson University approved a new contract yesterday. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

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