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Northway bus crash kills 5, injures dozens

A stretch of the Adirondack Northway, between Keene Valley and Elizabethtown, was closed this morning after last night's Greyhound bus crash that killed five people, including the driver, and left nearly three dozen others injured. Todd Moe spoke with Brian Mann about the crash. Greyhound info line: 800-972-4583  Go to full article

Two killed in Vermont shooting; man in custody

Police say two people are dead and three are injured in Essex, Vermont after a gunman went on a rampage through two homes and an elementary school yesterday afternoon. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article

More ships on the St. Lawrence?

Environmentalists are raising concerns about a plan to bring more ocean freighters through the St Lawrence Seaway. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
Camp Severance, ca. 1920. © 2003 The Adirondack Museum
Camp Severance, ca. 1920. 2003 The Adirondack Museum

Camp an Adirondack tradition

These final weeks of summer offer a last chance to see the Adirondack Museum's special exhibition looking at the history of summer camps in the North Country. For millions of kids, camp is a first introduction to the outdoors. Brian Mann sent this audio postcard when the exhibition first opened back in 2003.  Go to full article

Ask the Station Call-in

NCPR Station manager Ellen Rocco, program director Jackie Sauter, and news director Martha Foley answer listeners' questions about NCPR and public broadcasting.  Go to full article

Tradition and sociability at Grindstone Island square dance

Grindstone Island is a place where the past is quite present. Grindstone is just opposite the St. Lawrence River village of Clayton. It's several miles long, one of the largest of the Thousand Islands. There are no official roads. Folks get around in old jalopies or ATVs. Only 11 people live on Grindstone all winter, but when the weather changes, families who've spent generations of summers there return, and a larger community reassembles. On Saturday nights, the place to be is the big dance at Dodge Hall. Usually it's DJs or rock 'n' roll bands who supply the music. But every once in a while, some fiddlers and callers get together for an old-fashioned square dance. David Sommerstein joined in last summer, and sent this audio postcard.  Go to full article

The simple life on Raquette Lake

For the last few weeks, we've been bringing you excerpts from StoryCorps, the national oral history project that visited the North Country last month. Well, we recently learned about someone who couldn't make it to StoryCorps, but she sure has stories to tell. Josephine Marbury has spent every summer for nearly 90 years on her family's island on Raquette Lake. This past Sunday we brought our microphones to Bluff Point on Raquette Lake to record Josephine being interviewed by her friend Mary Gearhart about what an Adirondack Summer was like back in the teens and early twenties.  Go to full article
The main lodge at Camp Sagamore (above), and a view of Sagamore Lake (below)
The main lodge at Camp Sagamore (above), and a view of Sagamore Lake (below)

People, places, things: Camp Sagamore caretaker Bob Heinsler

Every so often during The 8 O'Clock Hour, we'll introduce you to a North Country resident. It could be your neighbor or a friend--someone with an odd job or a story to tell. Today, we meet a man who is the caretaker of one of the grandest of the Adirondack great camps. Bob Heinsler is the superintendent at Great Camp Sagamore, near Raquette Lake. He's one of the behind-the-scenes heroes of the Great Camps. For more than 20 years, Heinsler's job has been maintaining and restoring a complex of 27 buildings, deep in the woods. All of them a century old. He gave Todd Moe a tour of some of his favorite places at Sagamore.  Go to full article

Preserving the low-profile Indian River Lakes

Between the high profile destinations of the Thousand Islands and the Adirondacks, there's a hidden gem of a region. It's called the Indian River Lakes. Black Lake is the most famous and popular, but 14 other little bodies of water straddle the St. Lawrence-Jefferson County line, just several miles inland from the St. Lawrence River. It's rugged country, part of a granite strip called the Frontenac Arch that links the Adirondacks with the Canadian Shield. A conservancy formed several years ago to protect the area. David Sommerstein went kayaking with the group's president and sent this audio postcard. This story first aired in August 2005.  Go to full article
Rich Calabrese & Rebecca Hopfinger
Rich Calabrese & Rebecca Hopfinger

StoryCorps: rebuilding Pullman's island home

This summer we're featuring conversations from StoryCorps's mobile booth visit to Canton and Watertown. Rebecca Hopfinger from Clayton interviewed her friend Rich Calabrese from Rochester about what it was like spending summers on his family's island on the St. Lawrence River.  Go to full article

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