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Pataki Vetoes $3 billion From State Budget

As promised, Governor Pataki cut the Legislature's budget yesterday. He vetoed nearly $3 billion of the spending plan. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

Republican Courts Local Conservatives

Republican candidate for governor William Weld was in Canton yesterday. He made a special trip to meet with Conservative party leader Hank Ford. Douglas Hopper has the story.  Go to full article
10-year-olds Erin Allen and Sydney Freed became fast friends during "Fabulous Friends with Flying Fingers" rehearsals.
10-year-olds Erin Allen and Sydney Freed became fast friends during "Fabulous Friends with Flying Fingers" rehearsals.

A Show of Hands: Kids Learn Sign Language and Disability Awareness

Deaf theater has been around in grassroots and small-scale forms since the early 1900s, mostly with performances based out of deaf schools and cultural centers. The "Fabulous Friends with Flying Fingers" is a Glens Falls sign language entertainment group comprised of deaf, hard of hearing and hearing students from the southern Adirondacks and Saratoga regions. Over the last few years, the group has been busy entertaining audiences, young and old. As Todd Moe reports, for one family, it's enriched the life of their hearing-impaired child.  Go to full article

Race Track Brings Mixed Reaction

A group of investors based in Utica wants to build a race track and entertainment complex in Northern St. Lawrence County, just south of the Mohawk reservation. They say construction alone would create more than 4000 jobs. And once it's up and running, the track could generate millions of dollars in annual revenue for the county. Reaction in the community is mixed. Douglas Hopper went to the site and nearby towns to find out what people had to say.  Go to full article

Alex's Story: Inclusion With Autism

Autism is a nureological disorder. It typically appears in the first 3 years of a child's life. People with autism typically have language difficulties and trouble relating to other people. They have an obsessive need for things to stay the same. Alex Smith is 15 years old. He's a sophmore at Canton high school. When he was in elementary school he had a one-on-one aide, an adult always by his side. But Canton is one school with a long history of inclusion, of involving students with disabilities as much as possible in regular ed classes. Alex's story is one of increasing independence. This story originally aired in October.  Go to full article
Maggie Wheeler and her family live on Ault Island, near Ingleside, Ontario
Maggie Wheeler and her family live on Ault Island, near Ingleside, Ontario

Preview: Remembering the Lost Villages of the St. Lawrence

Canadian author Maggie Wheeler says she never intended to write a series of murder mysteries. But with the success of her first book, A Violent End, she's been called a prominent voice in preserving and celebrating the history of eastern Ontario. Specifically a stretch of the St. Lawrence River between Morrisburg and Cornwall, Ontario. It's an area known as Lake St. Lawrence and the Lost Villages. When the Seaway opened in 1958, six communities were lost in the planned flood. Wheeler will discuss her novels A Violent End and its sequel, The Brother of Sleep, Thursday, 10 am, at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton. Todd Moe spoke with her last September at the Nightingale B&B in Ingleside, Ontario - the setting of her third novel due out this year. Wheeler says her books are historical fiction set along the 1950s St. Lawrence Seaway and the Power Project.  Go to full article

More Aid for Some North Country Schools

There's wide praise for the education spending in the budget. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

Spitzer Lays Out Environmental Platform

Democratic candidate for Governor Eliot Spitzer gave his first speech of the campaign on the environment yesterday. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

Ortloff Faces New Challenger

The Plattsburgh Press-Republican reports that a Malone attorney plans to challenge Chris Ortloff in November's election. Kevin Nichols, a prominent local attorney with the firm Poissant, Nichols and Grue, says he'll run as a Democrat. Douglas Hopper has details.  Go to full article
Bill Putnam
Bill Putnam

Talking with Iraqis about the War

Yesterday, President Bush said Americans need to look beyond violence in Iraq for signs of progress. The president told an audience in Cleveland he understands why some Americans are disheartened by daily images of "savage" violence from Iraq. On Capitol Hill, Senator Joe Biden said Iraq is in what he calls a low-grade civil war, and may be on the brink of a full-blown civil war when militias fully engage in the violence.

However you frame it, civilians are dying every day as the war enters its fourth year. Freelance journalist Bill Putnam has been embedded with 10th Mt. Divison soldiers in Iraq this year as they've patrolled in and around Baghdad. Thousands of Iraqis come to the main American base - camp Liberty outside Baghdad International Airport to work every day. Most of their jobs are in construction or contracting. A few own stores at the local bazaar on camp. Putnam says local people are like ghosts to many American soldiers - seen but rarely heard. It's hard to have a conversation, but not impossible.  Go to full article

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