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McHugh Breaks With GOP on Close CAFTA Vote

President Bush is hailing the House's narrow approval of the Central American Free Trade Agreement. North Country Republican Congressman John McHugh cited regional impacts and voted against the agreement.  Go to full article

Meet the Masters: Inlay Artist Dave Nichols

Tune into the Nashville Network, the country music version of MTV, and check out some of the guitars played by the superstars. If there's a close-up, look at the inlay work on the fingerboard or on the pick guard. All of the customized work you see was done in a shop in Whippleville, a few miles south of Malone. Besides the custom work for Martin and Gibson Guitar companies Dave Nichols builds guitars and mandolins and happily teaches others to do so. Lamar Bliss has the story for Meet the Masters.  Go to full article
On the road...
On the road...

Audio Postcard: Bike & Train Through Canada?s Maritimes

Summer is the time for family vacations and getting outdoors. This month, Tracy Santagate from the Adirondack town of Gabriels headed north to the maritime provinces of Canada. Tracy traveled with her son Levi and with friends, going by train and bicycle for eleven days. She took along a recorder, capturing the sounds of the open road. Here's her audio postcard.

You heard from Tracy Santagate. Also her son, Levi, who's fifteen years old and Levi's friend Kellen Waickman who's sixteen.  Go to full article
Howard Lyons
Howard Lyons

People: Singer, Guitarist Howard Lyons

Howard Lyons is a three-time NAMMY (Native American Music Awards) nominee and has won several awards as a singer, songwriter and composer. His style is described as "like Paul Simon, with an upbeat lively guitar and crystal-clear vocals." He will perform a benefit concert for Make a Wish Foundation at the annual Red Neck Games in Malone Saturday. Lyons grew up in Syracuse listening to Buck Owens, The Beatles and Bob Dylan. He now lives on a farm in Vermont. Howard Lyons has produced two albums and is working on a third. He told Todd Moe that his music has deep roots in the Iroquois and Mohawk culture.  Go to full article

In the Pit at Hannawa Falls' Derby

Summer in the North Country means field days and county fairs. It's tough to keep up with all the chicken barbeques, fire engine parades, and lawn mower races. For many motorheads, nothing beats the demolition derby. Hundreds of drivers sign up each summer for the chance to crash their rides into one another. David Sommerstein went to the demolition derby in Hannawa Falls last summer to hear the roar of the engines and the crunch of metal.  Go to full article

Depot Theatre Launches Audio Described Plays

The Depot Theatre is doing something new--an audio described performance for the visually impaired. NCPR's Resident theatre critic Connie Meng spoke to Artistic Director Shami McCormick about the process.  Go to full article
<i>The Way Home</i> is published by Tupelo Press.  Bibi Wein will be at Old Forge Hardware from 3-5 today, and at the library at 7:30 tonight.
The Way Home is published by Tupelo Press. Bibi Wein will be at Old Forge Hardware from 3-5 today, and at the library at 7:30 tonight.

Books: The Way Home

Writer and editor Bibi Wein's credits include daytime serials for CBS, NBC, ABC, and articles and essays for a variety of periodicals, including Adirondack Life. She divides her time between the Adirondacks and Manhattan. The Olmstedville resident has written, co-authored or contributed to a dozen books. Her latest book, The Way Home -- A Wilderness Odyssey, was released last November. Within the first dozen pages, Bibi and her partner, Bob, are lost in the woods close to their log cabin on a mid-summer evening. But Bibi told me The Way Home is more than a story about getting lost in the Adirondacks. It tells of love, loss, humor, and self-discovery.  Go to full article

Task Force Proposes Wide-Ranging Great Lakes Cleanup Plan

A task force released a draft plan in Michigan Thursday of a long-term strategy to restore the health of the ailing Great Lakes. The plan makes dozens of recommendations in a bid to solve some of the most pressing problems, such as the invasion of exotic species, habitat degradation and toxic pollution.  Go to full article
The <i>Lois McClure</i> docked at Burlington's Waterfront.
The Lois McClure docked at Burlington's Waterfront.

Lake Schooner Lois McClure Sets Sail for Essex

The Lois McClure has set sail on a four-month voyage. Yesterday, the 88-foot vessel, a replica of a 19th century cargo schooner, set out from Burlington to Essex on Lake Champlain to help the town celebrate its 200th birthday. The McClure will make other stops along the way, to teach people about the rich maritime history of the region, and is also heading through the Lake Champlain Barge Canal, down the Hudson River to New York City and back this summer. It was launched last year by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum as a floating ambassador to the region's nautical and commercial history. Last summer, Todd Moe spoke with a couple of the folks involved in the Lois McClure project in Burlington.  Go to full article

Regents phase in 65% Passing Grade for State Exams

State education officials are making a change in the threshold for a passing grade on a high school exam.  Go to full article

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