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Congress Considers Cuts to Public Broadcasting

A key House subcommittee is recommending deep cutbacks in federal funding for public television and radio.  Go to full article

ADK Vacation Homes Displace Year-Round Residents

This week on The 8 O'Clock Hour, we're focusing on the housing boom underway in the Adirondacks. Most of the new homes are going to vacationers or seasonal residents. Visitors are also buying up hundreds of homes and camps once owned by local people. As Brian Mann reports, some villagers worry that the tight real estate market will hurt local economies - and even damage the sense of community. This story first aired in September 2003.  Go to full article

Call-in on the Natural World

Martha Foley was joined in the studio by her Natural Selections co-host Dr. Curt Stager and NCPR resident astronomer Dr. Aileen O'Donoghue to engage with callers in a wide-ranging discussion of the natural world. Everything from earwigs to Bermuda Highs.  Go to full article

Huge Resort Proposed in Tupper Lake Sparks Excitement & Worry

This week NCPR is looking at the impact of the second home real estate market on local communities. Ground zero for this debate is Tupper Lake. In the coming months, people in Tupper Lake will decide whether to support a huge new resort development in the hills above the village. The project - with more than 700 vacation homes and condos -- will be funded, in part, with village bonds worth tens of millions of dollars. The developer has also asked for a tax break from Franklin County for those who buy the four hundred thousand dollar vacation homes. Boosters of the project say the deal comes with very little risk for the community and would revitalize a town that's been losing population and businesses for decades. Brian Mann attended a community gathering last month in Tupper Lake. He found that many people support the project. But questions linger about financing. Some locals also worry that their quiet village could change beyond recognition.  Go to full article

Local Government Group Calls Middle Class Housing "A Crisis"

Last winter, the Association of Adirondack Towns and Villages passed a resolution supporting legislation designed to promote affordable housing for middle income families. JR Risley, who heads the AATV and serves as town supervisor in Inlet, spoke last week with Brian Mann. Risley says the booming second home market is crippling some communities in the Park.  Go to full article

Housing Shortage Alarms Local leaders

This week we're focusing on the impacts of second home ownership on the Adirondack economy and on local residents. In April, State Senator Betty Little held a symposium in Lake Placid to focus attention on the shortage of worker housing. Local government leaders say residents of the Park are being priced out of the real estate market by vacation home buyers. As Brian Mann reports, there's general agreement that the problem is worsening. But no one's sure how to respond. (This story first aired in April.)  Go to full article

Construction Boom Could Harm ADK Water, Wildlife and Scenery

This week North Country Public Radio is focusing on the impacts of 2nd home ownership and resort developments in the Adirondack Park. The Adirondack Park Agency faces a growing wave of housing subdivisions and resort developments. Most of these projects are driven by a white hot market for vacation homes. APA officials say they're doing their best to limit the impact of the construction boom on the Park's environment. But as Brian Mann reports, environmentalists and some APA commissioners worry that wildlife, water quality, and the Park's scenic views are being harmed. This story first aired last month.  Go to full article

Tagging Loons in the Adirondacks

For five years, the Adirondack Cooperative Loon program has been studying one of the North Country's most iconic birds. Loons have been tested for mercury contamination. They've also been tagged with radio transmitters and satellites to help scientists understand their migrations to the Atlantic Coast. Brian Mann reports that capturing and testing loons is a tricky and time-consuming job. Tomorrow he'll talk with loon program director Nina Schoch about this winter's findings.  Go to full article

Monarch Butterflies from North Country Winter in Fragile Mexican Forests

The monarch butteflies that visit the North Country are part of a remarkable continent-wide migration. Butterflies banded in our region have been found in the highlands of central Mexico. Brian Mann followed the monarchs to their winter habitat three years ago. He sent this special report.  Go to full article

The Ins & Outs of Carp Fishing

Many anglers consider carp the mucky, ugly bottom-feeders of the fish world in this country. But in Great Britain and Europe, carp are prized fighters and millions of anglers fish day and night to haul in a trophy catch. The World Carp Championship kicks off Sunday on the St. Lawrence River near Waddington and runs through next week. Hundreds of anglers will compete from more than 20 countries. David Sommerstein spent time with a carp guide and a British angler to find out what carp fishing's all about. This story first aired in 2003.  Go to full article

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