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Alcoa Restoring 45 Jobs in Massena

Alcoa Metals will re-open several pot lines at its aluminum smelters in Massena. The company expects to hire 45 people over the next three months. Alcoa cited low short-term power costs and increased demand for the re-start.  Go to full article

Pataki Criticized for Budget Vetoes

Governor Pataki is being criticized for last week's vetoes of parts of the budget the legislature sent him. He said no to money for colleges, libraries, health care and prisons.  Go to full article
The interior of the historic Edwards Opera House
The interior of the historic Edwards Opera House

Preview: Snarkey Follies in Edwards

The Snarkey Follies hit the stage at the Edwards Opera House Friday night (7:30). The off-beat comedy revue includes songs, sketches and a radio play with live sound effects. The finale features a surprise vocal group from NCPR. Todd Moe chats with show director and weekend announcer Connie Meng about the upcoming frivolity.  Go to full article
Bill Knoble shapes his clay
Bill Knoble shapes his clay

Pottery Made for Use, Captures the Eye

It's easy to think of art as a sort of passion, a divine madness. But for many creative people, the moment of truth is found in the work, in the process. For potter Bill Knoble, there's a science to taking clay and dust and giving it beauty and purpose. Brian Mann visited Knoble at his workshop in Chestertown and sends this profile.  Go to full article
Kevin Cox launches a "boilie".
Kevin Cox launches a "boilie".

The Thrill of Carp Fishing

Carp are largely considered the mucky, ugly bottom-feeders of the fish world in this country. But in Great Britain and Europe, they're prized fighters and millions of anglers fish day and night to haul in a trophy catch. Last summer, David Sommerstein spent time with a North Country carp guide and a British angler to find out what carp fishing is all about.  Go to full article

Ask the Station: Listener Call-in, pt. 1

NCPR opened the phone lines to take listener questions about programming, news, or anything else related to our broadcast service. Station manager Ellen Rocco, program director Jackie Sauter and news director Martha Foley occupied the hot seats.  Go to full article

Allies of Lowest-paid Workers Call for Override of Veto

Democrats in the state Legislature have vowed to fight back on behalf of the state's lowest-paid workers. They've called for an override of Governor Pataki's veto of a bill raising the minimum wage by two dollars over the next 17 months. Pataki says he believes the wage should be increased on a federal level, not just in New York.  Go to full article

Flamenco Guitarist Maria Zemantauski

The power and emotion of flamenco guitar -- Albany Guitarist and composer Maria Zemantauski will be in Potsdam tonight for a concert at Creative Spirit Art Center (7 pm). Maria was a visiting artist at St. Lawrence University last fall, and she stopped by our studios for music and conversation.  Go to full article

A Barn-raising in Upper Jay

In the North Country, barns are as much a part of the landscape as mountains and rivers. These days, most new barns are built quickly with steel frames and sheet-metal siding. But some landowners are taking a little more time, using methods and materials passed down over hundreds of years. In the Spring of 2001, Brian Mann joined a traditional barn-raising in Upper Jay.  Go to full article

Demolition Derby Draws Fans

Summer in the North Country means field days and county fairs. It's tough to keep up with all the chicken barbeques, fire engine parades, and lawn mower races. For many motorheads, nothing beats the demolition derby. Hundreds of drivers sign up each summer for the chance to crash their rides into one another. David Sommerstein went to the demolition derby in Hannawa Falls last summer to hear the roar of the engines and the crunch of metal.  Go to full article

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