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Ottawa lawmaker braces for global warming

Many people think of climate change as a national, even international, problem. But a growing number of local officials are beginning to see it as a local problem as well. Census figures show that more and more North Americans are now living in cities. For those who want to fight climate change, that means changing the way these urban folks live. Karen Kelly has the story of one Ottawa city councilor who's made that his mission.  Go to full article

Cooling Concerns About Air Conditioning

As the hot weather settles in, air conditioners are being wedged into windows everywhere. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Karen Kelly usually tries not to use one. But she finds as the temperatures rise, her concerns for the environment evaporate.  Go to full article

Kyoto in Canada Hits a Roadblock

Canadian environmental groups fear political opposition may kill the Liberal government's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Karen Kelly reports.  Go to full article

How are Canadians Coping Without NHL Hockey?

Canadians have now endured more than three months without professional hockey. Team owners in the National Hockey League have shut the league down. They want the players to agree to a cap on their salaries. The players have refused. At this point, it looks like there may not be a hockey season at all. Karen Kelly talked to people on Bank Street in Ottawa to find out how they're coping.  Go to full article
Protesters in front of the Peace Tower. Source: Indy Media-Ottawa.
Protesters in front of the Peace Tower. Source: Indy Media-Ottawa.

President Visits Ottawa

Prime Minister Paul Martin says Canada and the U-S will work together to improve security between the two countries. The P-M made the comments after meeting with President Bush yesterday. President Bush received a boisterous ovation at a state dinner in his honor last night in Gatineau, Quebec. He praised Canada as a loyal and close friend. At least 10 anti-Bush demonstrators were arrested during brief clashes with riot police in Ottawa yesterday. Scuffles broke out as dozens of police in riot gear and gas masks used shields to hold back protesters. The clashes marred a day of otherwise peaceful protests. Reporter Karen Kelly talked to people on the streets of Ottawa about the visit and their hopes for U.S.-Canada relations.  Go to full article

Tougher Border Security Concerns Canadian Arabs

Since the 2001 terrorist attacks, Canadian visitors to the the U.S. have faced tougher scrutiny at the border. This is especially true for Canadians of Arab descent. Many have been fingerprinted and photographed. Some have been deported back to the country of their birth rather than their current home. Karen Kelly reports on one recent incident that has renewed concerns within the Canadian Arab community.  Go to full article

Canadian Leadership as Chretien Prepares to Retire

Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien is preparing to retire this fall. Ottawa correspondent Karen Kelly has an update on the change of leadership in Canada.  Go to full article

Canada Looks for Permanent Power Solutions

After the recent power outage, some residents in Ontario, Canada were asked to cut their use of electricity in half. Some hoped the experience would convince people to change their behavior permanently. But as the Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Karen Kelly reports, environmentalists are arguing for a more permanent approach to energy efficiency.  Go to full article

Life Slowly Returns to Normal in Ontario

It'll be anything but business as usual as Ontario struggles to return to work following last week's massive blackout. Millions of Ontarians had an unexpected day off Friday, and many will be off again today as stores, businesses and industry try to operate on half power. Martha Foley talks with Ottawa correspondent Karen Kelly.  Go to full article

U.S.-Canada Relations: How Should Canada Respond?

While the majority of Canadians supported their prime minister's decision to stay out of Iraq, many are also expressing concerns about the ramifications. Business leaders, in particular, worry that the Bush administration will vent its displeasure in the marketplace. They fear contracts may be cancelled and shipments held up at the border. Most people agree relations between the two governments are the worst they've been in recent history. But as Karen Kelly reports, there are different theories on how Canada should respond.  Go to full article

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