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Adirondack Roundtable: former Vermont governor Madeline Kunin

The Lake Placid Institute kicked off its annual Adirondack Roundtable series with a speech by former Vermont Governor Madeline Kunin. She addressed issues discussed in her latest book, Pearls, Politics and Power: How Women Can Win and Lead. The governor's talk is preceded by an introduction by Marilyn Heimerdinger, co-chair of the Lake Placid Institute.  Go to full article

Podcast: SUNY board votes for tuition hike

The SUNY Board of Trustees voted for a tuition hike this week. Jonathan Brown has more.  Go to full article

Podcast: A Fresh Start for Peace: "Sending a very different message to the world"

President-elect Barack Obama says he'll close Guantanamo Bay, ban torture, and begin a withdrawal of U.S. soldiers from Iraq. Peace and social justice activist Martha Swan, from Westport, says she welcomes those moves. But as part of our series, "A Fresh Start," Swan told Brian Mann that Obama should think much bigger about changing America's role in the world and our relationship with other countries.  Go to full article

Podcast: Charting a response to climate change in the Adirondacks

Researchers, local government leaders, and state officials gathered this week in Tupper Lake to talk about the impact of global climate change in the Adirondacks. The conference at the Wild Center offered a snapshot of the best new science on global warming. Organizers also hope to chart local strategies for reducing carbon emissions in the region. As Brian Mann reports, they hope that cutting pollution can also lead to lower energy costs for businesses and governments.  Go to full article

Podcast: Lewis farm wins landmark decision

In a landmark ruling, a state Supreme Court judge in Essex County says farm worker housing is exempt from Adirondack Park Agency jurisdiction. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Podcast: A Fresh Start on Veterans' Care: "we need 'ground truth'"

We continue "A Fresh Start," our series of recommendations for the Obama Administration, with Todd Bowers of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. He's also a marine staff sergeant who served two tours of duty in Iraq. Bowers told David Sommerstein Congress has made hundreds of recommendations to better help veterans since the neglect scandal at Walter Reed almost two years ago. But he says most of those are gathering dust on shelves. He says the Obama Administration must implement them.  Go to full article

Podcast: A Fresh Start on Race: "America has evolved and we are evolving"

President-elect Barack Obama takes office on January 20th. We've been asking people to think big about what his administration might accomplish. J.W. Wiley teaches philosophy and interdisciplinary studies at Plattsburgh State and is the Director of the Center for Diversity, Pluralism, and Inclusion. He's an African American who works as a diversity consultant for major corporations. Wiley told Brian Mann Obama's election has already redefined America's conversation about race and social injustice.  Go to full article

Podcast: Lawmakers meet today for budget battle

Governor David Paterson says things "do not bode well" for success in Tuesday's planned special budget cutting session, and the governor says he's "disappointed" in the legislature for the lack of action so far. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Podcast: A Fresh Start for Main Street's economy: "small things that have a big impact"

We're asking people to think big, for the Obama Administration. Michael Shuman thinks big, about small things -- small business, local economies. He's proposing a massive De-regulation of microfinance, while the rest of the world is focused on increasing regulation on macrofinance. In conversation with Martha Foley, Shuman said the most important thing the Obama Administration needs to understand is that revitalizing America's economy requires revitalizing the Main Street economy.  Go to full article

Podcast: State budget cuts could slam North Country towns

Beginning tomorrow, lawmakers in Albany will debate ways to slash New York's state budget. The collapse of tax revenue from Wall Street has already triggered a hiring freeze statewide, along with a first-round of belt-tightening at most state agencies. Deeper cuts could be especially painful here in the North Country. Many towns rely on government spending to fuel the local economy. Brian Mann has this profile from Malone, in Franklin County, where prisons, schools, and the local hospital all look to Albany for a big chunk of their budgets.  Go to full article

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