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Stories filed by Greg Warner


For New Lisbon Chipboard Mill, One Step Closer

Lisbon residents are one step closer to seeing a new chipboard manufacturing plant in their town. A Canadian lumber company announced it intends to build the plant. They would purchase the rights from Chatham Forest, which won its permit last December, after a 5-year battle with environmental groups.  Go to full article

Letting Nursing Homes Downsize Themselves

Nursing homes care for those seniors least able to care for themselves. It's the most costly kind of elderly care, and Governor Pataki wants to cut $200 million in state funding for the homes, saying that enrollment is on the decline. Some nursing home administrators say they could deal with the problem themselves, if freed from state regulations.  Go to full article
Shane Henry loads ice cakes on the back of his grandfather's trailer.
Shane Henry loads ice cakes on the back of his grandfather's trailer.

Ice Harvesting in New Bremen

A hundred years ago, ice harvesting was big business in the North Country. Blocks of ice were hauled from frozen ponds and lakes and shipped south as far as Florida. By the early 40s, refrigerators killed the industry, but firefighters in New Bremen, have kept the tradition of the ice harvest alive - since 1964. Reporter Greg Warner has this audio postcard.  Go to full article

Clinton Introduces Count Every Vote Act

Democratic Leaders in the U.S. House and Senate, including New York Senator Hillary Clinton, yesterday introduced the Count Every Vote Act. The bill would insure every voting machine leaves a paper trail. It would also make Election Day a national holiday. Clinton hopes it'll provide money and direction to New York - which has only a year to replace thousands of aging machines around the state. Greg Warner reports.  Go to full article

Community Block Grants Funding May be Cut

The Small Cities Community Development Block Grant is federal money earmarked specifically for community development in less populated areas. The North Country has received the funds for 13 years. President Bush's recent budget proposal would eliminate the grant. Greg Warner reports on how those moneys have impacted the region.  Go to full article

Lawmakers Disagree On Timothy's Law

The NY Assembly Bill known as Timothy's Law would force insurers to cover mental health and addiction treatment the same way they do physical health services. It's won an overwhelming majority of votes in the Assembly for several years. Now a similar bill is in the Senate. But Timothy's father says that bill doesn't deserve Timothy's name.  Go to full article

Clinton Introduces Health Care Bill for Guard and Reserve

Senator Hillary Clinton and co-sponsor Senator Lindsay Graham (R-NC) introduced legislation yesterday that would allow Guard and Reserve members to buy into the military's health care plan.  Go to full article

Students Lobby NY Lawmakers Against Tuition Aid Cuts

Governor Pataki is proposing cuts to financial aid that would end funding assistance to some students for textbooks, food and rent. The change would affect over 1,000 students in the North Country. About 800 students will be converging on Albany today to lobby against the proposed HEOP funding cuts. Greg Warner spoke with some St. Lawrence University students who are making the trip.  Go to full article

Report: Dairy Prices Volatile

There's a continuing crisis in the dairy industry--price instability--and it's getting worse. A government report investigating dairy pricing was released this week. Greg Warner has this report.  Go to full article
Euripides the alpaca
Euripides the alpaca

Audio Postcard: The Alpacas of Angel Knoll

The alpaca - a Peruvian cousin of the llama - has been domesticated for about 5000 years, but they've only been raised in North America since 1984. The animals hail from the Andes Mountains, so they love our North Country winters. Greg Warner sends this audio postcard from a recent sub-zero afternoon on an alpaca farm in Waddington.  Go to full article

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