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Heard Up North: Hanmer guide boat races

Saranac Lake hosted the 46th Annual Willard Hanmer guide boat races on Sunday. Dozens of rowers turned out to paddle the light-weight, hand-made boats across Lake Flower. Jonathan Brown talked with guide-boat builder Chris Woodward and others for this Heard Up North.  Go to full article
Helen Hutchinson surveys some of the damage.
Helen Hutchinson surveys some of the damage.

Heard Up North: A stormy aftermath

Downed tree limbs littered the Orebed Rd. and nearby yards in Pierrepont yesterday. The powerful storm tore branches from century maples at Helen Hutchinson's home. She was aiding her hospice patient in Parishville when the storm struck.  Go to full article

Enlisting a "victory" garden in the battle over rising prices

On the issue of rising prices and what people are doing to get by... In this Heard Up North, we hear how one man is investing in his garden to fight the rising cost of food.  Go to full article
The eager audience
The eager audience

Reading to kids about farming all across NY

Across New York, yesterday was Ag Day. It's something dreamed up by Cornell Cooperative Extension to educate kids about farming. The main event is reading a storybook to second graders. The same book is read to kids across the state, even in New York City, where farming can be a foreign concept. All Before Five host Jonathan Brown read Sugarbush Spring to the kids in Mrs. McArdle's class at Lowville Academy Central School. The book about maple sugaring is today's Heard Up North.  Go to full article

Heard Up North: A storm-tossed ferry ride

Lake Champlain figures prominently in many North Country stories. It's become a kind of character who allows - or sometimes prevents - narrow escapes. One of the most well known instances involves the pivotal moment during the American Revolution when Benedict Arnold barely got away from the British Navy. In modern times, it's not an invading force but weather that can make for a treacherous crossing of the Lake. On a recent weekend, a combination of wind and ice tossed a ferryboat around like a bath toy. But it was no game for the passengers. Today's Heard Up North is another chapter in the tempestuous history of Lake Champlain.  Go to full article

Heard Up North: "Catsicles"

This Heard Up North is a kind of audio version of a Photo of the Day on our web site. In the picture, a black cat is sitting amid a swirling snowstorm - seemingly content as he gets dumped on. Stephen Diehl took the picture. He teaches photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He and his wife live in Antwerp, with O.D. the cat.  Go to full article
Sunset Cottage - the edible version<br />(detail below)
Sunset Cottage - the edible version
(detail below)

Heard Up North: Adirondack gingerbread cottage

Lately, we've been talking a lot about snow, cold-weather sports and other seasonal past times. But one winter activity has gone almost completely unmentioned: Gingerbread house-building. We'll rectify that with today's Heard Up North. Here's Michaela Hall from the Adirondack Museum describing a gingerbread house she built with other staff members. They modeled the totally edible structure on the Sunset Cottage - an Adirondack Lodge donated to the museum that now sits on its grounds in Blue Mountain Lake.  Go to full article

Heard Up North: Potsdam Food Co-op raises dough

The Food Co-op in Potsdam held their 10th annual baking contest and fundraiser yesterday. For the past nine years, the event was called a "bake off." But General Mills and its Pillsbury subsidiary hold the trademark for these words. This year, the company's lawyers sent a letter demanding that the Co-op stop using the term. Despite the charitable nature of the event, involving a silent auction of homemade desserts with the proceeds supporting the local food pantry, General Mills didn't budge. Word of the dispute spread quickly across the village of 9,000. The Co-op's baking contest and fundraiser is today's Heard Up North.  Go to full article
Michael Charon warms up before playing at Ottawa's Byward Market
Michael Charon warms up before playing at Ottawa's Byward Market

Heard Up North: Busking in the Byward Market in Ottawa

For our Heard Up North today, we go to Ottawa. Sunny skies in Canada's capitol city brought throngs of people to the Byward Market yesterday. As pedestrians strolled among the stalls of sweaters, mukluks, maple syrup and everything else, buskers, or street performers, braved the wind in hopes of making a few bucks.  Go to full article
Rachel and Macy Huntley and Kaeli Mace with their Halloween decorations.
Rachel and Macy Huntley and Kaeli Mace with their Halloween decorations.

Heard Up North: An Old-Fashioned Corn Harvester

Here's a family tradition that combines the harvest and Halloween seasons. Roger and Ann Huntley of Pierrepont own a mechanical corn harvester from the early 1900s, and it still works. They brought their granddaughters out to the cornfield to make corn bundles for Halloween decorations, and for today's Heard Up North.  Go to full article

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