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NCPR News Staff: Lucy Martin

Ottawa Correspondent
Lucy Martin covers regional news and events from her home in rural Ottawa. Her radio roots go back to the early years of Hawaii Public Radio, where she had many roles, including news anchor and station announcer. A family move traded ordinary Honolulu for exotic Canada in 1999. Lucy enjoys village life with her husband, Craig Miller. When not editing sound or text on her laptop, she likes to garden, read, travel and play outdoors. E-mail

Stories filed by Lucy Martin


Postcard: turkey day in Canada

The turkey's in the oven and the smell of stuffing's filling the kitchen north of the border. Today's Thanksgiving in Canada. Our Ottawa correspondent Lucy Martin sent us this audio postcard.  Go to full article
"Red Friday" rally on Parliament Hill
"Red Friday" rally on Parliament Hill

Canadians wear red for the troops

President Bush is welcoming Afghan President Hamid Karzai to the White House today. Karzai was in Ottawa last week, surprising organizers of a support-the-troops rally on Parliament Hill Friday. Canadian troops are now leading the peacekeeping mission amid rising violence in Afganistan. The latest bombings there killed at least 20 people today. On Friday, thousands of Canadians turned out in red as a show of moral support for the soldiers and their families. Lucy Martin was there.  Go to full article

Tales from a bird sale

Bird fanciers gathered in Manotick, Ontario for a Fall bird sale recently. Lucy Martin stopped by. She spoke with Barbara Schaffer of North Gower, young Marissa of Amherst Island, near Kingston, and an anonymous observer with a cautionary tale about the reponsibilities of pet ownership.  Go to full article

Inuit artists gather in Ottawa

This weekend some of Canada's finest Inuit artists will gather in Ottawa. The occasion is the annual board meeting of the Inuit Artist's Shop, a non-profit co-op run by and for native artisans. After traveling so far from the Far North, it only makes sense to actually make some art while they're in the capital. Today and tomorrow Inuit artists will offer carving demonstrations. Lucy Martin has more from Ottawa. You can see carving, throat-singing, drumming, and dancing today and tomorrow 10-4 at the Inuit Artist's Shop in Ottawa.  Go to full article

Quilter for life

Hobbies make life richer, and you're never too old, or too young, to find one that's right for you. Donna James swapped a classroom full of 8th graders for a new world of fabric, patterns and needles. Her only regret is not taking it up sooner. At a recent quilt show in Manotick, Ontario, she explains why she loves quilting.  Go to full article
From left: mill manager Isabelle Geoffrion, Lucy Martin, and senior miller Mike Maguire.
From left: mill manager Isabelle Geoffrion, Lucy Martin, and senior miller Mike Maguire.

Volunteers keep Watson's Mill alive

Watson's Mill is one of many postcard-pretty Ontario destinations. It opened for business in 1860 on the Rideau River in Manotick. It's still the town's main landmark. In their time, water-powered mills represented a high degree of technical sophistication. They still serve as fascinating reminders of how--and where--settlements took hold along North America's rivers. Watson's Mill comes alive in the summer -- full of the noise of water, turbines, grindstones, and people. Lucy Martin followed two modern enthusiasts who help keep it all turning.  Go to full article
Horticulture therapist Barbara Brown, right, with client Alban Violette
Horticulture therapist Barbara Brown, right, with client Alban Violette

Horticultural Therapy in Practice

Gardening is good exercise. Many find the process spiritually uplifting, or just a great way to release stress. And the product--or the produce--is a harvest of beauty and good nutrition. With so much in gardening's favor, therapists and care providers are being encouraged to use it to their client's advantage. Lucy Martin has more.  Go to full article

On Horseback, for Body and Spirit

Therapeutic riding programs put children and adults who might otherwise never get their feet into stirrups on horseback. It's fun -- with a purpose. The skills needed to ride -- even the movement of the horse itself -- all have therapeutic value for people with physical or mental disabilities. Lucy Martin visited the Therapeutic Riding Association of Ottawa-Carleton, called "TROtt", in Greely, Ontario.  Go to full article

On Course in Ottawa

Ottawa's biggest race weekend of the year saw thousands of walkers, in-line skaters, joggers and world-class runners on the streets for various distances on Saturday and Sunday. The big event was the marathon, which was somewhat marred by a course mix up that changed the outcome for the front runners. Other races went off more smoothly, except perhaps for the heat. Lucy Martin decided to tackle Saturday's 10K event. She sent in this audio postcard.  Go to full article

Heard Up North: The Mower Man

The grass is growing like crazy, but rain is complicating lawncare this spring. And then there are the early season mower complications. Lucy Martin visited a mower repair shop in Osgood Ontario, for this Heard Up North.  Go to full article

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