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NCPR News Staff: Lucy Martin

Ottawa Correspondent
Lucy Martin covers regional news and events from her home in rural Ottawa. Her radio roots go back to the early years of Hawaii Public Radio, where she had many roles, including news anchor and station announcer. A family move traded ordinary Honolulu for exotic Canada in 1999. Lucy enjoys village life with her husband, Craig Miller. When not editing sound or text on her laptop, she likes to garden, read, travel and play outdoors. E-mail

Stories filed by Lucy Martin


On Horseback, for Body and Spirit

Therapeutic riding programs put children and adults who might otherwise never get their feet into stirrups on horseback. It's fun -- with a purpose. The skills needed to ride -- even the movement of the horse itself -- all have therapeutic value for people with physical or mental disabilities. Lucy Martin visited the Therapeutic Riding Association of Ottawa-Carleton, called "TROtt", in Greely, Ontario.  Go to full article

On Course in Ottawa

Ottawa's biggest race weekend of the year saw thousands of walkers, in-line skaters, joggers and world-class runners on the streets for various distances on Saturday and Sunday. The big event was the marathon, which was somewhat marred by a course mix up that changed the outcome for the front runners. Other races went off more smoothly, except perhaps for the heat. Lucy Martin decided to tackle Saturday's 10K event. She sent in this audio postcard.  Go to full article

Heard Up North: The Mower Man

The grass is growing like crazy, but rain is complicating lawncare this spring. And then there are the early season mower complications. Lucy Martin visited a mower repair shop in Osgood Ontario, for this Heard Up North.  Go to full article

Farmers Protest in Ottawa

Thousands of farmers, and hundreds of tractors, converged on Parliament Hill in Ottawa yesterday. The all-day event was yet another demonstration of frustration over existing farm programs. Canadian farmers say they are just seeking a level playing field. Lucy Martin has more.  Go to full article

Getting Reacquainted With Winter

Most winter getaway traffic flows toward the tropics. At least to the Carolinas. But freelancer Lucy Martin convinced her Mom, Martha, to travel against the grain this month. Martha Martin was born in Hawaii 73 years ago, and except for four years shivering at a New England college, has lived in the islands all her life. So what's the natural way to get re-acquainted with winter? A neighborly skate on the local creek, with the help of a plastic chair as a pairs partner. The family outing started with layering up:  Go to full article
The training trail at Gatineau Park.
The training trail at Gatineau Park.

Gatineau Hosts 40th Ski Marathon

Two to three thousand cross-country skiers gather later this month for the 40th annual Canadian Ski Marathon in Gatineau, Quebec. The scenic 160 kilometers - that's nearly 100 miles - are divided into 10 self-serve "smorgasbord" stages of varying difficulty. It's a non-profit event - not exactly a race. Skiers stop when they want. It all starts Saturday morning, February 11th in Gatineau and ends Sunday the 12th in Lachute. The deadline to register in Feb. 3. It's a family weekend: individuals or teams, young or old, novice or expert -- all are welcome. Lucy Martin found some skiers-in-training in Gatineau Park.  Go to full article

Ontarians React To Election

Monday's federal election in Canada sent the Liberal Party out of power after 12 years. But like his Liberal predecessor, Paul Martin, Conservative leader Stephen Harper will have a minority government. That means forming a coalition of support in order to move legislation and policy in Parliament. The Conservatives will control 124 seats. Liberals will have 103. Lucy Martin spoke with people in Osgoode, Ontario for their views on what just happened--and what might lie ahead.  Go to full article

Election Day in Canada

Millions of Canadians are off to the polls in a national election that will chose their next government. No one will face a voting machine. The results may be known by bedtime. Lucy Martin spoke with an election official to learn more about how Canada votes.  Go to full article

Music: Master Flutist Yoshio Kurahashi

Yoshio Kurahashi is one of Japan's great master shakuhachi flute players. He's performed on the evocative bamboo instrument for more than 40 years and has garnered esteem and accolades from across the world. Earlier this month, Yoshio Kurahashi was a guest at the Japanese Embassy in Ottawa. The embassy presented a free concert, at the National Gallery Theatre, as a New Year's gift to the community. The recital also featured Yoko Hirono Itatani on the koto, or Japanese floor harp. Lucy Martin spoke with Yoshio Kurahashi and recorded music from the concert. She asked him about the significance of New Year's in Japanese culture.  Go to full article
Skating under the Bank Street Bridge
Skating under the Bank Street Bridge

Good Ice, Gray Skies: Canal Opens

The "World's Longest Skateway" opened Saturday under grey skies and light flurries. Ice conditions were "fair" to "good", and crowds of walkers, joggers and skaters turned out to enjoy various canal attractions. Ottawa's Rideau Canal is a favorite winter activity for residents and visitors alike. Lucy Martin spoke to skaters, and a vendor who explained a traditional canalside snack.  Go to full article

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