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Articles written in 1928 about the incident at Massena.
Articles written in 1928 about the incident at Massena.

Massena's history still tied to 1928 "blood libel" incident

A St. Lawrence County community is being reminded, again, of an 80 year-old rumor many people would rather forget.

A new novel re-imagines what happened when a little girl went missing overnight in Massena. It's based on a true story from 1928. The town's small Jewish community was accused of kidnapping her for a ritual murder.

Julie Grant set out to find out what really happened. She found that after 80 years, it's not easy to parse the truth from rumors and memories.

But she did find that people from cultures around the world brought together in America's "melting pot" were easily pulled apart in a time of crisis.  Go to full article
Staff and students evacuated from two buildings at SUNY Canton watch the fire which originated in a chemistry lab. Photo: Thomas Quant, Jr.
Staff and students evacuated from two buildings at SUNY Canton watch the fire which originated in a chemistry lab. Photo: Thomas Quant, Jr.

Fire at SUNY Canton

Crews from ten fire departments were at SUNY Canton today, after a reported explosion and fire. A spokesman for the school says it happened in a chemistry lab, on the north end of the Cook Science Center.

No injuries had been reported.

NCPR was on the scene at around 12:30 this afternoon, and ran into John Stafford of Canton Fire and Rescue...

"Cooke, there's a fire in Cook Hall. There's toxic fumes. So they need to stay out of there... we've got fire departments from all over, rescue squads, everything going here."

Stafford was wearing a yellow mask over his head and mouth to protect him from the chemical smoke. The campus center was closed, and officials were stationed along campus roadways, preventing people getting too close.

Surrounding buildings were evacuated. Student Jeremy Coleman was walking around campus looking a little dazed. A few minutes earlier, he'd been asleep in his dorm...

"They came banging on the door, saying everyone has to leave, the building is being evacuated."

Fire officials said all firefighters will have to go through a decontamination process.
It is not known whether anyone was in the lab when the fire began. Arson investigators are reportedly looking into the matter.  Go to full article
It's 52 degrees outside right now and there's no snow and it's February in upstate New York - it's very strange

DEC hosts national meeting on adapting to climate change

New York is hosting a meeting of federal agencies, northeastern states, and tribal groups this morning in Albany to talk about adapting to climate change.

Pat Riexinger, director of the division of fish, wildlife, and marine resources at the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, says we can see the weather changing: the intense storms last year, and the mild winter, with little snowfall. She says 16 federal agencies collaborated to write a strategy and action plan to deal with changing weather patterns.

Today's meeting is one of four to be held around the country to discuss the plan. She spoke about it with Julie Grant.  Go to full article
We were hoping the state would relieve us of the obligation of paying for Medicaid costs altogether.

Counties disappointed, but state legislators say Medicaid relief just a start

County leaders around the North Country have been asking the state for mandate relief, especially since New York imposed a 2% property tax cap on local governments last year. Their biggest beef is paying for Medicaid. It accounts for the largest percentage of many county budgets, and many county leaders don't think those costs should be their responsibility.

The governor's budget proposal offers some assistance with local Medicaid costs. The administration has been fanning out around the state, trying to sell the plan he released last week. And Cuomo has gotten some support from north country state legislators. But county leaders aren't as pleased.  Go to full article
If the governor is the new advocate for children, he must not be the advocate for children in high poverty school districts.

North Country schools disappointed with Cuomo budget plan

Most of the education talk in Governor Andrew Cuomo's budget speech this week was about teacher evaluations. But Cuomo's written proposal also offers increasing aid to schools by 4% with a significant portion of that earmarked for high needs districts. That sounds like good news for struggling north country schools. But now that they're getting the details, some are fighting mad. Julie Grant reports.  Go to full article

North Country schools anxious for Cuomo's budget

North country school leaders are anxious to see Governor Cuomo's budget proposal when it's released Tuesday. Cuomo has committed to boosting state aid to schools by 4%. But local schools don't know how that will affect their budgets.

Some district superintendents have been lobbying hard to restore cutbacks made by the state last year. Julie Grant spoke with Stephen Putman, superintendent of the Brasher Falls Central Schools.
He says there are a variety of ways poor districts are losing out.  Go to full article
Generally speaking, it was an honest mistake.

53 New York towns wrongly exceed tax cap

More than fifty towns around New York inappropriately exceeded the state's property tax cap. That's according to the office of state comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.  Go to full article
Anti-fracking protesters rally. Photo: still from the Innovation Trail video
Anti-fracking protesters rally. Photo: still from the Innovation Trail video

Boxes and boxes of comments for DEC on hydrofracking deadline

The state Department of Environmental Conservation has a lot of reading to do about hydrofracking. The deadline to comment about new regulations was midnight. The DEC already had more than 21,000 comments on the issue. And yesterday, both supporters and opponents of the controversial gas-drilling technique brought box after box filled with more comments.  Go to full article
They’re going to keep most capable, the most ready to be deployed... that defines Ft. Drum.

Owens optimistic about Ft. Drum's role in refocused defense

President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced sweeping plans for the country's defense yesterday. The new strategy has to accommodate a half billion dollars in budget cuts. Among other strategies, it predicts "smaller conventional ground forces." And a shift of focus to Asia.

The Army's 10th Mt. Division has been among the most heavily deployed units as America fought wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There were immediate concerns about what the new vision yesterday would mean for the Fort Drum. Julie Grant caught up with Congressman Bill Owens of Plattsburgh yesterday, and finds him optimistic.  Go to full article
Behind every mandate is a special interest, and … it’s very hard to know which mandate we can go after and eliminate.

Skepticism as governor says it's time for mandate relief

During his state of the state speech, Governor Andrew Cuomo said it's time the state provided mandate relief to local governments.

This is welcomed news to many in the north country. But some are concerned it could be only a token gesture.

Julie Grant reports.  Go to full article

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