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NCPR News Staff: Chelsea Ross

Stories filed by Chelsea Ross


Heard Up North: Having a ball at Clarkson

Clarkson University students were having a ball in Potsdam recently. Actually, they spent more than an hour moving a huge earthen ball across town to Clarkson's main campus. Our news intern Chelsea Ross stumbled upon the Moving the World event and sent this Heard Up North.  Go to full article

SLU students go unplugged

How long could you go without e-mail? Without your cell phone? Facebook? How would it change your life? This semester, a class of first year students from St. Lawrence University "unplugged" to find out. They turned off their cell phones and didn't use the internet for a week and a half.

They wanted to reflect and understand how immersed they were in the digital world. Our news intern, Chelsea Ross, talked with students Jonathan Stopyra, Ilka Hadlock, Haley Chandler, Joe Cambareri, and their professor, Jennifer MacGregor.  Go to full article
Lynne Ross at school with her 6th grade class.
Lynne Ross at school with her 6th grade class.

A mother, a curfew, and a hidden math class in Honduras

This winter, our news intern and web assistant, Chelsea Ross, went to visit her mother in Honduras. Lynne Ross of Potsdam is teaching at a private school in the small city of Comayagua. Ross was there last September when ousted president Manuel Zelaya returned to the country to try to resume power. He didn't succeed. This week the United States is starting to normalize relations with a newly elected government. While the president was back, a curfew was imposed. But that didn't stop Mrs. Ross from holding a hidden math class. In our series, Moving the World, Chelsea Ross sends this audio postcard from Honduras.  Go to full article

Canton high school senior enters legislature race

We're in the time of year when political hopefuls come out of the woodwork to announce their candidacies. 2010 will be an especially active year in the North Country, with offices in Washington, Albany, and many county seats open or vulnerable. In St. Lawrence County, all 15 legislative seats are up for re-election. You'll hear more about the candidates and the issues in the coming weeks and months. But we were interested in a Canton High School senior who announced his candidacy this week, for a county legislature seat being vacated by Tedra Cobb. Our news intern, Chelsea Ross, went to the press conference.  Go to full article
A patron takes a hit from her hookah.
A patron takes a hit from her hookah.

Hookah puffing along in Potsdam

Hookah bars, or hookah lounges, are places where people go to smoke shisha (non-tobacco herbs). They're usually associated with the Middle East, but they're on a run in this country. According to a website that monitors this kind of thing, there are more than 500 hookah bars in the United States, with 5 new ones opening every month. The phenomenon's mostly been restricted to big cities. But a hookah bar opened this fall in one of the North Country's college towns, Potsdam. When many small businesses are falling victim to the recession, are people willing to ante up for a toke? Chelsea Ross went to find out.  Go to full article

Common Wealth, Common Wisdom, pt.3: looking the Great Depression in the mirror

Each Monday this month, we're featuring new features from our Common Wealth, Common Wisdom project. North Country teens paired with senior citizens to explore the concept of entrepreneurship during the Great Depression, and today's Great Recession. When Chelsea Ross went across the street to interview her 90-year-old neighbor, Bill Cullen, she expected to hear some stories about working hard as a kid in the Great Depression era. She expected to get a 'how to' guide for surviving today's recession. What she got instead was different. What she got was a weird mirror on her life from 70 years before.  Go to full article

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