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Rock Climbing in the Adirondacks

Part 1: Hurricane Crag, 10/10/01
Rock climbing in the Adirondacks—these days it's more sophisticated and much safer. But the reasons people climb are much the same. They go looking for adventure and amazing views—and a deeper connection to the mountains. Brian Mann (above and below left) climbed Hurricane Crag during the peak of this year's leaf season.

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Part 2: The Culture of Climbing: Chasing the Pure Route, 10/12/01
For many, time spent on the rock isn't just a battle against nature. It's also a form of personal expression. Listen to story. ( Real Audio 8:24)

Brian was accompanied by guide Colin Loher (below), of Adirondack Rock & River. Hurricane Crag provides a spectacular view of the valley (left) between Keene and Elizabethtown, NY.