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Women's Health Retreat at Sagamore

Women at the Arts & Healing retreat say the rural setting of Great Camp Sagamore helps them slow down and focus.
Arts & Healing: Living Well In the Shadow of Cancer, 10/19/01
The last few weeks, Americans have been forced to live with a new kind of fear. The risks of terrorist attack—and reports of disease spreading through the mail—leave us feeling vulnerable. In the days after the September 11 attack, Brian Mann traveled to a retreat in the Adirondacks for women living with cancer. He found that many of the women still see joy and hope in a world filled with uncertainty. Listen to story.
Words of Survivors: Talking Back to Deadly Disease, Oct. 19, 2001
The Arts & Healing retreat at Sagamore offers women with cancer the chance to write and think about their disease. This year, participants wrote notes to their illnesses— messages of love and anger, hope and frustration. The notes were gathered into a single poem by three of the retreat’s counselors. Reading here are Peggy Lynn, Fran Yardley, and Pam Mitchell. Listen to reading.

Retreat counselors Peggy Lynn and Fran Yardley read from the women's poetry at Great Camp Sagamore.

Anne Terrell (left) was diagnosed with breast cancer in February. After a summer of surgeries and radiation treatment, she's says life seems more precious than ever before.

Retreat participants using the healing power of song. Listen.