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Top news stories for the week are the closing of the Crown Point bridge and the 23rd CD race. All three candidate profiles are in the top ten visited stories. But despite the national stature this race has obtained, David Sommerstein's visit to Peter Paquin's cranberry bog in Brasher was the number two story of the week, outpolling all the CD candidates profiles.

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News and blog comments:


On Dede Scozzafava:


JDM says: Stakes are too high to send another Democrat vote to Washington. On critical issues, health care, abortion, marriage, bail-outs, Obama can count on Dede's support.


DPA says: Politically speaking, if the republicans critize her and the democrats critize her then I believe that puts her right in the middle. That is what the 23rd needs and that is what America need.


On Doug Hoffman:


Dan says: As I see it the seat was already lost with McHugh, and if Owens or Scozzafava wins it is still lost to Conservatives. Hoffman is the only real alternative.


anonymous says: Hoffman represents a strain of republicanism that never really has existed in NYstate. NY has been a progressive (small p) state for a century. Forget the Dems, the most famous GOP governors, Dewey, Rockefeller, Pataki all created programs and spent money.


On Bill Owens:


anonymous says: The Owens strategy is clear: he is under orders from the Dems to say nothing of substance; the DCCC will load his warchest so he can hammer the TV stations in NY-23 in 30 second increments. If you want to know anything about Bill Owens, you'll have to catch his ads.


On the Crown Point Bridge closing:


Perly says: Put my life and every one else in danger who has been using a 1 lane bridge the last few months. What is the name of the Engineer who missed this issue to begin with? Use the stimulus money from both States to fix this now not 2013, call in the Military Engineers to build a Temp Floating bridge Now! While the new bridge goes on in debate for the next 5/10 years.


Anon says: This is just the tip of the iceberg. Here in SLC there is money to fix 2 or 3 bridges a year out of nearly 300 of various shapes and sizes. That means that it would take a 100 years to fix them all and start over again.


Anon says: The sad thing about this bridge is if it were located in Iraq or Afghanistan it would be rebuilt in no time. Sort of like how we managed to build a 600 plus million dollar embassy in Iraq but we still have a pit at ground zero.


Top destinations: Our pledge page, coming in just behind the home page, the news page and the In Box blog.


Pledge comments:


Jack from Potsdam joined the In Box Wave:

In Box Wave. Great reporting and love the local news and blogs that Brian and David write. Also, I look forward to Martha's interviews with the cooperative extension about farming, planting, etc.


Robert from Glens Falls:

Great news (regional, global).


William from Potsdam:

Much better than TV news. You are a lifeline to sanity in this noisy world.


Sheryll from Cadyville:

Thank you for another year of news, information about local events, and more. We enjoy waking up to you every morning.


Mark from Saranac Lake:

Makes the work commute bearable!


Vicki from Potsdam:

I really enjoy all of the news-oriented programs during the week. I often refer to things I've heard when I'm talking to my students.


Katherine from Old Forge:

I really enjoy Amy Ivy's gardening tips and I am going to try to grow garlic for the first time!


Nancy from Potsdam:

I get all my news from NCPR.


Art from Burligton:

Thanks as always for your tone and tenor


Jim from Lowville:

NCPR's features on the TAUNY award winners were great!


Ed from Potsdam:

We listen a lot and really appreciate the local programming and our local news team.

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