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In 12 hours on Gore Mountain, six rescued out-of-bounds skiers

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Search and rescue teams in the southern Adirondacks had a busy 12-hour stretch from Sunday afternoon to Monday morning.

Six skiers--including two young children--went out-of-bounds and got trapped by deep snow and wilderness terrain. With help from Gore Mountain ski patrollers, Forest Rangers trudged up the mountain for a midnight rescue. Jonathan Brown reports.

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Their gloves and everything they got on their hands is always wet. Generally, their coats are soaking so you got to replace their coats. You got to feed and water them to get them warm enough to be able to move without getting hurt and then you got to put something on their feet that they can travel on. They don't have "tele" gear. Typically I'd say a Ranger's pack with the extra clothing to put on the children or the people that we find... it's about 45 pounds on average.

The boys were reunited with their mother and father shortly before 2:O'clock Monday morning. None of the "out of bounds" skiers, the Rangers or ski patrollers were injured.

Lt Steve Preston, also a Forest Ranger, said temperatures in the area Sunday night hovered between the mid- to upper-20s. And he added--quote--"the boys were able to walk out. That was a good thing."

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