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Paladino says he's not a racist, but not perfect

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A political Web site, WNYmedia, has released politically incorrect e-mails forwarded by Republican candidate for governor Carl Paladino. The Buffalo businessman, who announced his run for the Republican nomination last week, told reporters yesterday the e-mails were private, and said their release was politically motivated. He told reporters he's not a racist, but he's not perfect, either. Martha Foley has more.

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Martha Foley
News and Public Affairs Director
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Fledgling gubernatorial candidate carl Paladino is being slammed for racy e-mails released by a political Web site. 


One of the images featured bestiality in an e-mail aimed at insulting the French. Another was a photo of President Obama and the first lady altered to make them look like a pimp and hooker.


Paladino - a successful businessman from Buffalo -- prides himself on being politically incorrect.

            Speaking yesterday, he said he's not a racist, and he's not perfect, "The reality is that a good leader,  who's going to stand up and is going to be counted,  is not a perfect person. There are none. I challenge he who cast the first stone to tell me about his perfect life, all right? It doesn't exist."


Paladino said the were-mails were "hacked" from his private computer. He said they just been forwarded to close friends. They were released on the western New York Web site WNYmedia.


Meeting with the press yesterday, he called the suggestion that the e-mails would hurt his chances for the GOP nomination for governor "nonsense."  He said,  "This was put out by a democrat, elitist person who has another agenda. His agenda is to get... smear Paladino, get him out of there, because he talks everything that we're not about. That's what happened."


Spokesman Michael Caputo says Paladino doesn't agree with most of the messages. He blamed the political establishment for releasing them.

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