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Alan Marriott at the end of a long ride. Photo: Lucy Martin.
Alan Marriott at the end of a long ride. Photo: Lucy Martin.

Heard Up North: a cold, rainy Rideau Cycle Tour

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Cold, blustery, and rainy weather kept lots of people indoors yesterday. But not the participants in the Ottawa Bicycle Club's annual season kickoff event. They had done the first leg of their Rideau Lakes Tour, from Ottawa to Kingston on Saturday. And yesterday, they headed back. Lucy Martin caught up with Alan Marriott at the end of a challenging ride home.

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Lucy Martin
Ottawa Correspondent
Alan Marriott: "That was brutal. Absolutely brutal. I, I've done this multiple times and today was definitely the worst I have ever experienced.  And not only were you wet, but you had the wind coming at you, and the day never warmed up. So you just were fighting the elements from the get-go."

Reporter: "Now, Saturday wasn't too bad."

Alan Marriott:"Saturday was a surprise.  Saturday we were expecting more rain on the way down and less coming home.  And Saturday turned out to be no rain, and in fact a lot of people ended up sunburnt, by the time they hit Kingston, because no one put any suntan lotion on. Sunday was very much a surprise. I don't think anyone expected this and the temperature just never, ever warmed up."

Reporter: "Did you consider calling it off? Mid-way?"

Alan Marriott: (Pauses) "I did. (sighs) And actually, I did get a lift from my son-in-law, for the last little bit, because I went into chills.  When you start getting chills, and you start getting the hypothermia, you've go to make a decision. And one is either work through it, or be safe."

Alan Marriott: "It's just a challenge. It's a challenge to, to do it, but it also challenges you, in the early spring, to get out on the bike.  And after you've done something like this, riding for the rest of the summer is, is so very relaxed. It's incredible."

Alan Marriott: "For sure. I will be back next year."

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