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Gov. Paterson begins the vetoes. Photo: Karen DeWitt.
Gov. Paterson begins the vetoes. Photo: Karen DeWitt.

Gov. says no to more negotiations

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Governor David Paterson this morning began the lengthy process of vetoing the nearly 6,900 line items the legislature added to its budget bills. He said, in no uncertain terms, that he's done negotiating. Karen DeWitt has more on the continuing struggle between Paterson and state lawmakers over the final stages of New York's budget.

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Karen DeWitt
NYS Capitol Correspondent
Gov. Paterson  says if legislative leaders want to approach him with a finished plan for a Medicaid contingency plan that he's seeking, he'll accept it, but he's not stopping the vetoes to negotiate. He says that part of the process is finished, "I'm not talking to them, ever."

Paterson wants lawmakers to provide a contingency plan in case federal Medicaid monies don't materialize, as well as a new plan for SUNY and CUNY, and a 4 percent property tax cap.

The governor, in a well-organized photo op, then sat at this conference room table with several legal advisors, and began signing the vetoes.

"My third grade cursive writing teacher would be turning over in her grave," Paterson quipped, after signing several vetoes.

Paterson's aides say he does not legally have to actually sign each document, and will likely stamp or initial some of them instead.

Meanwhile, the Senate planned to adjourn for the 4th of July weekend without completing the revenue portion of the state budget, meaning the budget will not be finished until at least after the holiday.

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