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Dan Flynn: Why the Left Hates America

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Conservative author Daniel J. Flynn addressed a full house at St. Lawrence University's Hepburn Auditorium, developing themes from his book Why the Left Hates America. In part, he maintains, partisans of the left hate America because its very existence and continuing prosperity contradict some of the left's favorite theories. He takes particular aim at US academia, accusing it of imposing uniformity of opinion and philosophy at the same time it pursues diversity of color. The substantial contributions of the US to world culture are distorted, Flynn says, by an undiscriminating doctrine of cultural relativism that forms the mainstream of social science instruction. Listen to portions of his address:

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Flynn spoke to students, faculty and community attendees for nearly an hour, followed by a lengthy and lively question and answer session. But due to technical problems, only the first 48 minutes of Flynn's address was recorded. With his permission, NCPR has edited the recording into four sections totalling about thirty minutes that preserve, we hope, the character of his address and present all of the main points of his remarks.

Part 1 (7:40) | Part 2 (6:33) | Part 3 (5:49) | Part 4 (8:57)

This address remains the property of Daniel J. Flynn. It is offered to the public in audio form by NCPR with permission of the author.

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