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Dems overspent in two-year senate majority

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New leadership on both sides of the aisle in the new York State Senate say the Democratic majority overspent in the brief tenure that ended this month. And both the new majority leader, Republican Dean Skelos, and the new deputy minority leader, Democrat Neil Breslin, say that's got to change. Martha Foley has more.

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There’s been some finger pointing over excessive spending by Senate Democrats during the two years they were in power, with the new GOP Senate leader saying he’s going to slash the Democrats' budget to make up for the cost overruns.

Senate Republican Majority Leader Dean Skelos says Democrats overspent by more than $10 million dollars during their two year reign, and he says he will make cuts to the minority party’s budget, accordingly.

“They overspent,” said Skelos.

But newly appointed Senate Deputy Minority Leader Neil Breslin, of Albany, says some of the extra spending came after Republicans joined with two Democrats in a coup in 2009. He says the result was a “four headed monster” of multiple leadership posts, and he says more money flowed to the GOP.  
“They spent a lot of money,” said Breslin. “It was wrong.”

Democrat Breslin says he was “aghast” at the size of the debt incurred by the Democratic Senate campaign committee, and says part of his new job will be to trim what he calls the “bloated” staffs of a few Senators.

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