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DOT updates road closures

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Road and bridge closures are widespread in the three state transportation department regions that span the North Country.Conditions are changing, sometimes rapidly, and the DOT has an evergreen warning to never drive through standing water whether a road is closed or not.
This is the list from the DOT at 12:30 this afternoon:

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  •   Road Closures
    • Region 1
      • Lake Champlain Ferry between Essex, NY and Charlotte, VT is closed until further notice. Grand Isle, VT - Plattsburgh, NY & Chimney Pt., VT - Crown Pt., NY ferry crossings are still running as scheduled.
      • Rte 296 has alternating one way traffic due to culvert failure/sink hole. This closure is anticipated to be long term. Greene Co DOT has put in place temporary traffic signals at the site.
      • Route 418, from Thurman Station to Hudson River, Town of Thurman, Warren County, one-way alternating traffic due to flooding.
      • Route 8 in Wilmington Notch between Lake Placid and Wilmington down to single lane, flaggers present, due to water across the road surface.
      • Rte 9 has alternating one-way traffic due to flooding, from Rte 9N to Rte 73, Elizabethtown, Essex County.
      • Rte 28N is closed at Harris Lake rd in the Town of Newcomb, Essex County due to flooding. 
      • Route 4 has one lane closed and is subject to alternating one way traffic between Wilber Road and River Road in Stillwater, Saratoga County due to flooding
      • Rte 9N between Rte 73and Ausable Forks closed due to flooding
      • Rte 28 between Hamilton County line and 28N one-way alternating traffic with flaggers
    • Region 2
      • Flooding on Rte 28 & 30 to the intersection of Rte 28N and 30 in Long Lake. Crews are on scene. NO TRUCK TRAFFIC. Detour in place for cars only.
      • CR 32 (River Street) closed to traffic due to flooding; Village of Oriskany
      • Rte 8 closed between Steuben Rd & N Gage Rd, Town of Deerfield due to flooding. Local detours in place.
      • Rte 8 closed between Route 28 in Poland-Herkimer County and Route 10 in Piseco-Hamilton County
      • Rte 28 closed from Hamilton Co Line to  Rte 28N Due to Flooding
      • Rte 28N from Blue Mountain Lake to the end of the Rte 28/Rte 30 overlap is closed due to flooding
      • Rte 12B is closed in both directions at Collage St in Clinton, Oneida County due to flooding.
      • Rte 12B is closed between Village of Hamilton and CR 77 in Hamilton, Madison County, due to flooding
      • Route 28 is closed between Fairfield and South Main St, Middleville, Herkimer County due to flooding
      • Rte 30 is closed in Hamlet of Long Lake between NY 28 & Rice Rd-Hamilton County due to flooding.
      • Rte 30 is closed between Rte 28N and the Adirondack Motel in Long Lake, Hamilton County, due to flooding
      • NY 922E (River St) closed between NY 69 & NY 49, Oriskiny, Oneida County, due to flooding
      • NY 5 closed in Kirkland between NY 5B & NY 223, Oneida County, due to flooding
      • Route 8 closed between Route 12 and Route 28, Town of Deerfield, Oneida Co.
      • NY 28 Bridge (Comstock Bridge) over W Canada Creek closed between Blue Rd & Gravesville Rd, Town of Trenton-Oneida County due to flooding
      • NY 922A (Mohawk St) closed between NY 6, Whitesboro & NY 49, Marcy, Oneida County, due to flooding
      • Rte 28 over West Canada Creek closed between Rte 29 and Rte 16, Village of Middleville, Herkimer County
      • Rte 28 is closed at intersection of Graves Rd in the Town of Russia, Herkimer County due to flooding. 
      • Rte 28 is closed between White Creek Road and Village of Newport due to flooding.
      • Rte 922E (River St) closed between Rte 49 and Rte 6, Towns of Whitestone and Marcy, Oneida County flooding
      • Rte 30 reduced to single lane at Indian Lake/Lake Pleasant Town Line, NOTRUCKS ALLOWED flooding
      • Route 8 from Route 365 Intersection to Rt.10 closed due to flooding. 
    • Region 7
      • Rte 3 CLOSED from Pleasant Ave to Santa Clara Ave town of Tupper Lake due to flooding, Franklin County
      • Rte 3 from Rte 30 to Dugal Rd alternating one way traffic town of Harrietstown due to flooding Franklin County 
  • Bridge Closures:
    • Region 2:
      • NY 28/29/169 Bridge over W Canada Creek closed due to flooding.




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