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The scene last Friday in Indian Lake (Photo:  Kate Roberts)
The scene last Friday in Indian Lake (Photo: Kate Roberts)

Flood clean-up begins in Indian Lake

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The central Adirondacks were hit hard by flooding over the last week, with major highways closed to traffic and serious concerns about stress on the region's dams. But in Indian Lake, local officials say life is returning to normal. Martha Foley has details.

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Martha Foley
News and Public Affairs Director

While serious flooding continues in some parts of the North Country, other communities are beginning to clean up and assess the damage.  Barry Hutchins is town supervisor in Indian Lake in Hamilton County.

"We're working today cleaning debris out of the roads and checking all the bridges just to make sure, but I think we're going to come out of this pretty good in terms of the county road on Lake Abenaki.  That was completely flooded and unusuable, but I think the damage is going to be minimal."

Hutchins says Rt. 30 toward Lake Pleasant has a damaged bridge that is still down to one lane traffic. 

And he says a lot of summer residents will be returning to the Adirondacks this year with a big clean-up job ahead.

"Lot of homes that were hit, lot of seasonal camps.  Course a lot of the folks haven't been up here yet to check them out, but a lot of flooding around seasonal camps."

Hutchins grew up in Indian Lake and says he’s never seen anything like this spring’s weather.

"And I've talked to other folks a lot older than I who have not seen it this high either for this length of time."

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