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Who doesn't want to save New York? And who wants fiscal UNfairness?

Common Cause calls for transparency from interest groups

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A government reform group is seeking more disclosure by so-called third party interest groups. Common Cause says they're spending more and more to influence public opinion on policy issues like property taxes and school spending.

Common Cause's Sue Lerner says there's a worrisome and growing trend of millions of dollars of television and social media advertising from third party interest groups with what she called misleading names - like the Committee to Save New York, the Alliance for Quality Education and New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness. Martha Foley has more.

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"Who doesn't want to save New York and who wants fiscal unfairness," Lerner said. "How does the average person know who that is?"


Lerner wants changes to lobbying laws that would require the groups to disclose major donors in their ads. The Committee to Save New York is a business-funded group working to promote Governor Cuomo's agenda, including a property tax cap. The other groups are union funded and oppose the tax cap.


A spokesperson for the Alliance for Quality Education said they are obeying current disclosure laws and if the rules change, they will comply.

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