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<em>A Comanche</em>, by Frederic Remington
A Comanche, by Frederic Remington

Remington's Ring Recovered

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Police in Ogdensburg have recovered a diamond engagement ring that was stolen just last week from the Frederic Remington art museum. It turns out the thief was a part-time employee who stole the ring from a case that was described as screwed shut, but not locked.

The police discovered the ring at the home of Blake Peabody, who apparently planned to sell it. He's been charged with 4th degree grand larceny.

Nora Flaherty put a call in to the museum to find out more about the theft, and the return of the ring. She asked curator Laura Foster how she and her colleagues had noticed the ring was missing.

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Nora Flaherty
Digital Editor, News

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The ring is now safe in the Ogdensburg police vault—Foster said the museum is expecting it back within about a month, but they won’t put it on display right away.

"The case is always the same. I heard from another employee that the ring wasn't in the case and there was no other explanation for its absence other than it had been stolen,” Foster said. “We go for years without opening the case.

"The case was sealed in a way that was standard in the '90s when those cases were custom built and installed for us.

"There have been quite a few misstatements in various media over this.

"[The ring] is a kind of archetypical diamond engagement ring. It is exactly one carat, small circumference, yellow gold band, it's quite a narrow little band and quite suitable for the hand of Eva Remington.

"What we heard from the police is that it would have very little street value, in terms of what he could turn it over for quickly. But for us, telling the Remington story, it's a great way to personalize these people.

"Detective sergeant Harry McCarthy from the Ogdensburg police department came to the museum for me to identify it and I was so glad to see it that I put it on my pinky."

Frederic Remington, born in Canton, was a painter, illustrator and sculptor known for his images of the American West.

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