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Quinipiac Poll finds voters trust Cuomo more than teachers' unions

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A new poll finds that New York state voters trust Governor Andrew Cuomo to safeguard education more than they trust the teachers' unions.

Cuomo has pushed unions hard on teacher evaluations. Today is the deadline het set for unions and the state Education Department to come up with a new plan for evaluations. He has said he'll impose his own reforms if they don't.

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Mickey Carroll is director of Quinnipiac poll.

He says Cuomo has done well with New Yorkers by calling himself a lobbyist for students, and pushing for reforms by teacher’s unions:   

"In his confrontation with the teachers' union, Governer Cuomo comes out way ahead in the new Quinnipiac University Poll. We asked, 'who do you trust more to take care of the kids' interests?' Cuomo: 50 to 38. And that's a complete reversal from what we found just a week or so ago when we asked the same question in New York City about Mayor Bloomberg." 

Quinnipiac’s Mickey Carroll says Cuomo comes out ahead of the union on all of his school reform proposals.  

Voters support merit pay for “outstanding” teachers by 2-1.

And two-thirds of voters said they support making it easier to fire teachers.    

"The teacher’s union has been a political punching bag these days," Carol says. "And voters share that negative view: does the union play a positive role? New Yorkers say 'no'. Support for the union isn't even high among union households."

The poll finds that parents like their children’s own teachers just not the union.

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