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Liza, Laura and Shelene Atkinson
Liza, Laura and Shelene Atkinson

Family band, family business

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The Atkinson Family Band has been making bluegrass music since the '90s. In that time it has released several albums and become a staple of the summer festival scene. And now they're looking to make their band more of a business.

Nora Flaherty talked with the Atkinsons as part of NCPR's new occasional series on North Country business owners.

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Nora Flaherty
Digital Editor, News

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At the band’s core are Shelene, Richard, Laura and Liza Atkinson. When they’re not playing in the band, Shelene and Laura work at local schools, and Liza is a registered nurse.

Richard has just retired. That means he has more time for the family business side of the family band. A couple weekends ago, Nora Flaherty listened in on a practice session at Richard and Shelene’s home in Harrisville, which is also the band’s studio and base of operations. And she talked with the band about the business side of what they do. 


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