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No bomb evidence found after Canton Central School scare

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Village and state police, investigators from the county sheriff's department and sniffer dogs didn't find evidence of a bomb at Canton Central School. The school was evacuated this morning after a high school student reported the word "bomb" written on a girls' bathroom stall.

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Nora Flaherty
Digital Editor, News


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Basil Chaney is chief of the Canton Village police. He says his department takes all threats seriously:

We search the school and we had a bomb dog come in to search the school also, and when it was determined everything was OK, the kids were allowed back in the school.

Chaney says although writing the word “bomb” on a wall may not have been an intentional bomb threat, his department intends to charge the person responsible.

If we do find out who actually did this, and they say “I didn’t mean it”, they have to step back and look at what they caused. They disrupted the school, they have three different law enforcement agencies tied up with this incident, so it’s not—we take this very seriously. So whoever does this, if we do find out, they’ll be charged. They’ll be arrested.

In a press release Canton Central School said it wishes to thank all law enforcement personnel for their timely and effective response.

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