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President Obama set out a "to do" list for members of Congress. Image:
President Obama set out a "to do" list for members of Congress. Image:

President Obama praises New York State tech businesses in Albany speech

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President Barack Obama was warmly welcomed Tuesday at the University of Albany's nanotechnology center...and he used the occasion to praise the private-public partnership that funds the school.
Mr. Obama said the private sector is the quote-"true engine" of job creation in the US, not government--but that government can help, by making it easier for companies to hire new workers. And he said Congress isn't doing all it can.

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Nora Flaherty
Digital Editor, News

Just about every time we put these policies up for a vote, the republicans in congress got together and said no. They said now to putting hundreds of thousands of construction workers back on the job repairing roads, bridges, schools, transit systems. No to a new tax cut for businesses that hire new workers. No to putting more teachers back in our classrooms, more cops on the beat, more firefighters back to work. And this at a time when we know one of the biggest drags on our economy has been layoffs by state and local governments. That’s been true all across the country.

In his speech, the president set out a “to do” list for Congress—which included passing legislation to allow homeowners to refinance at a lower rate; giving small businesses a tax break for hiring workers; and eliminating tax breaks for some corporations that move jobs overseas. He also advocated creating a jobs program for veterans.

Mr. Obama also praised the bourgeoning nanotech industry in New York State’s capitol region—saying he wanted to see what’s happening in Albany, happen all over the country.

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