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Hoffman backs Doheny

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Lake Placid accountant Doug Hoffman has made it crystal clear who he will vote for in this fall's congressional election. Speaking before a small crowd at Legends Bistro in Plattsburgh, Hoffman gave his "unqualified support and endorsement" to Watertown businessman Matt Doheny. Doheny is running against incumbent Democrat Bill Owens for New York's new 21st Congressional District. His name will appear on the Republican, Conservative and Independence party line. Chris Morris has more on this story.

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Chris Morris
Tri-Lakes Correspondent

“Bill Owens is mortgaging our children’s and our grandchildren’s future, and he must be stopped. And Matt Doheny is exactly the type of guy who can stop him and bring fiscal sanity back to Washington,” said Lake Placid accountant Doug Hoffman.

Hoffman ran against Doheny and Owens two years ago and remained on the ballot even after he pulled out of the race. He received thousands of votes that might have gone to Doheny, possibly giving him the victory. However, Doheny says that the two men aren’t dwelling on the past.

“We’re honored that Doug’s with us today and throwing his full support behind my candidacy, so as we go forward, we’re making sure that voters are going to have a clear choice on November 6, 2012.”

Bill Brudvig, a Republican voter from Plattsburgh, says that seeing Hoffman and Doheny stand side by side was a big deal for him. He said, “In the last two election cycles, Owens has won without a plurality of the vote, less than 50%, because we had third party candidates. This time with Hoffman’s support, the conservative party’s support, Doheny should get over 50% and become the Congressman.”

Ray Scollin of Saranac Lake campaigned for Hoffman in 2009 and 2010. He says he spoke with Hoffman before signing up to work for Doheny this year. “I felt it was fairly evident that Doug would end up doing what was best for the party, for the district, and that’s what we say today,” said Scollin.

This year’s race will have a third party effect, but it may hurt Owens instead of Doheny. Donald Hassig of Colton, New York will appear on the Green Party line in November.

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