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Arian Maury riding her horse Champ.
Arian Maury riding her horse Champ.

Heard Up North: An afternoon at the horse barn

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Horseback riding was once our main form of transportation, but today the people who ride do it because they love the animal and the sport. We spoke with local equestrian Arian Maury as she was getting her horse ready for a ride. She works as a secretary during the day and spends every evening she can at the barn. She shared her connection to her horse, Champ, with us.

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Jasmine Wallace
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Arian Maury starts each afternoon at the barn by bringing her horse, Champ, in from the field and grooming him. She rides at Honey Dew Acres just outside of Canton.

“Just something about horses. I mean, ever since I was kid, I have loved them. They have always fascinated me,” said Maury. “My mother got me riding lessons when I was 11, and yeah, can’t seem to stop me from riding. It’s just something with the horse.”

Maury started the grooming session by putting some sunblock on Champ’s white muzzle to protect the delicate skin from getting sunburned. “He doesn’t always like it,” said Maury. She explained that Champ is a 15-year old paint/quarter horse cross and his color is a light red dun.

“He’s my best friend, besides my son who rides Champ as well,” said Maury. She moved on to the hard brush, which she used to brush the dirt from the horse’s coat. She bought Champ a couple years ago and does both dressage and jumping with him. She said, “He was previously just a western trail horse but I have been riding him English since I owned him. I just want to improve Champ and myself and to prolong his life.”

One of final grooming tools Arian used was the hoof pick, which helps to dislodge stones caught in the horse’s hooves. “For people that don’t know horses, give them a shot even just to go say hi and pet them . You don’t even have to ride to have a horse as a friend. Horses love everyone,” concluded Arian. “It really just relaxes me. Have a bad day at work? Boy, head to that barn! And it’s a blast.”

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