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Books: "Rising from the Swamp"

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The outdoors and natural beauty are draws for many communities in the Adirondacks. According to the author of a new book, Rising from the Swamp, a source of pride for many in downtown Tupper Lake, aka the "Swamp," is the legacy of its pioneer families. Todd Moe talks with author and Tupper Lake native Carol Poole about the book and a decade of research into Tupper Lake's past.

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Todd Moe
Morning Host and Producer

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“Carol Payment Poole was born in Tupper Lake Junction, graduated from high school in 1955, and began a career as a teacher. That eventually brought her back to the North Country. She taught in schools around the upstate region and even south to Georgia. She’s had a lifetime interest in history, and that has peaked in her retirement.”

Poole says that “Rising From the Swamp” was inspired by both her childhood and her family history of “the swamp.” Her grandfather was a blacksmith, and “was very ambitious,” notes Poole, as “he bought a lot of property down in the Junction.” This, along with her passion for history, drew her toward the unique subject.

Where is Tupper Lake Junction, in comparison to Tupper Lake? Poole says, “Actually, Tupper Lake Junction is to the north, and it’s where the trains—the New York Central trains—came in to the village. It never went up to the upper village, which is where Park Street is. And mostly that was a residential and business area. Most of the businesses were located in the general area of the Junction, which is interesting when you look at the past and see how it’s set up.”

Poole goes on to explain how a dam was built near the Junction, and this dam was too big. It ended up flooding the town, making a major impact on the businesses and residential areas. Still, the Junction has such a unique story and special place in Poole’s heart that she wanted to write its story. She feels that the Junction is usually overlooked when people discuss Tupper Lake.

Poole also wrote a book with Kelsie B. Harder called “Place Names of Franklin Country New York: Their Origins and History.” It’s about ghost towns in the Adirondacks and in Northern New York counties. When asked if she believes that Tupper Lake Junction has qualities akin to a ghost town, Poole admits that “it’s great cause for concern.”

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