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Writer and director Timothy Brearton practices his craft. Photo courtesy of Adirondack Mogul.
Writer and director Timothy Brearton practices his craft. Photo courtesy of Adirondack Mogul.

Adirondack Mogul looks to attract filmmakers

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A new local production and publishing house is producing a short film aimed at showcasing the resources available for filmmakers from the Adirondacks and beyond.

"The Deal" is a film about a debt-ridden working man who is offered a "dubious deal" by a stranger. Tim Brearton says the film will show budding young filmmakers what his company, Adirondack Mogul, can do to help get their projects off the ground. He hopes the film will also convince filmmakers from outside the region to bring their productions here.

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Tim Brearton says Adirondack Mogul can provide filmmakers with crews, caterers and any other resources they may need.

“We’ve all – Dave Press, myself, Sunny Rozakis – assisted productions that have come into the area on our own,” Brearton said. “Dave worked with ‘Dancehall’ when it was here. I’ve helped out with ‘Begin the Beguine,’ which just shot down inBlueMountainLake. We just formed this company this year, and the idea is to just consolidate our resources and provide something substantial and attractive to regional productions.”

Brearton says many filmmakers who travel to theAdirondacksrack up big expenses by flying in people to do jobs that local workers can be hired for.

“They have a portable crew,” he said. “‘Dancehall’ was flying people in fromLos Angelesjust to build sets. We have carpenters. You can throw a rock and hit a carpenter in theAdirondacks.”

“The Deal” is based on a short story Brearton wrote several years ago. He describes it as a “trial run” to see what could be produced with resources available in theAdirondacks.

Brearton says he believes theAdirondackParkis becoming more popular among filmmakers. He says producers of “The Place Beyond the Pines,” a new movie that includes scenes shot at a farm field outside ofSaranacLake, came to the Adirondacks instead ofColorado. The movie, which stars Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, recently premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.

“Visually, theAdirondackshas just a lot of stunning vistas, just a lot to offer,” Brearton said. “Plus there’s just a lot of friendly people that are happy to accommodate. It’s pretty simple: There’s not a lot of permits, there’s not a lot of red tape. Usually it’s just maybe a phone call to the town supervisor to say, ‘Hey, can we set out a couple of orange cones? We’d like to let you know we’re looking to shoot over in such and such neighborhood.’ It’s just a real laid-back kind of way of going about it.”

To wrap up production on “The Deal,” Brearton and Adirondack Mogul need a little more money. He says people who want to support the project can do so by donating at

Their goal is $3,000 within the next month.

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