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Preview: Sarah Chang in Glens Falls

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Internationally renowned violinist Sarah Chang performs the Barber Concerto with the Glens Falls Symphony on Sunday. Sarah Chang is one of the world's most remarkable prodigies. She made her debut with the New York Philharmonic when she was eight years old. Chang told Todd Moe that the Barber Concerto has one of those "stay in your head" melodies, and she's delighted to be returning to Glens Falls this weekend.

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Todd Moe
Morning Host and Producer


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Chang says she "jumped" at the opportunity to work with Glens Falls Symphony conductor Charles Peltz, when he invited her to play in Glens Falls, NY. The two worked together last summer.

"The Barber is such an iconic American, beautiful concerto, I absolutely love this concerto…I love how lyrical, and accessible, and dynamic, and technical the concerto is, and at the same time it goes straight to your heart,” Chang says, “and it's one of those concertos where the melodies just sort of stay in your and you end up, you know, singing the melodies like the day after. It's such a beautiful concerto.”

“The first movement is incredibly beautiful very, very lyrical and technical at the same time. The second movement is just heartbreakingly beautiful melody, and the third is just hell on wheels."  Chang describes the third movement as a “technical fierce monster", which is "incredibly fun" but also a tremendous challenge for the orchestra.

 “Having music in your life is absolutely essential, whether you become a musician or not that’s secondary. But I think to have music in your life, to be able to enjoy, and really embrace music and go to concerts and listen to recordings, I think there is such genuine, and pure, and honest joy in classical music. And I think to have that in your life is… so enriching.”

Chang believes that if someone wants to go into the music business they need to surround themselves with "good people": Good managers, good agents, and good press people who understand them, as well as the short term and long term.

“I feel that I got very, very lucky when I met my team. I’m still with the same people that I signed with when I was eight years old. The same company, the same management, the same record label, and that is very, very unusual in this business.”

Change says she believes that starting at a young age on the path to being a musician was a good thing for her. “I think everyone has their own strengths, and for me I think the fact that I did get to start so early, I think really was a huge sort of benefit, because it was something that essentially embarked me on this career… sort of paved the path for me at a very early age."
Chang said she never tires of performing: "Being on stage, giving the concerts is really what its all about.” There are times when it is less fun, she says, like being away for birthdays, and weddings, the airplane rides and waiting in airport lounges, “but when you step on stage, and you start performing, and you’re with musical colleagues, there is nothing that even comes close to that."

“I do have an iPod and I've got to admit that I have mostly pop music on it, it’s mostly Beyonce, and Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, and stuff like that.”

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