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Voters react to Owens-Doheny debate

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While military issues were a big part of Thursday night's debate between congressional candidates Matt Doheny (R) and incumbent Bill Owens (D), the economy and unemployment were on most voters' minds. Joanna Richards took a sampling of public opinion right after the debate.

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Joanna Richards
Watertown Correspondent

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John Cain of Watertown says he's "not convinced" by "the statement that a lot of Republicans are making that their private business experience is what is going to grow jobs for America. I think Mr. Owens has been trying to go about it the right way. He’s been trying to import jobs from Canada. He’s been trying to grow small business.

He says he has no doubt Mr. Doheny could also grow jobs in the area, but "I don’t think the rate that he can promise it at is going to be any more than what Mr. Owens is doing currently.”

Bill Snide, from the Ballston Spa area, says he's supporting Matt Doheny. "Like Matt…I was born and raised in the North Country. So, I think Matt started understanding the needs and demands of the North Country as he was growing up.”

Eric Corwith of Watertown says although he wasn't sure who he was going to support going into the debate, he was "impressed" by Owens. "As a military man I trust him more with regards to issues with Fort Drum.”

And Rosemary LaLonde-Kirsch of Adams was more impressed by Doheny: “I think we do need a change. We need to think differently, because it’s not going up, it’s going down. And it’s been going down gradually for the past four years. We definitely need the change.”

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