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Brian Mann calls in from Owens HQ in Plattsburgh. Photo: Mark Kurtz
Brian Mann calls in from Owens HQ in Plattsburgh. Photo: Mark Kurtz

Waiting game as Owens camp awaits voter results

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It could be a while before we see the results from the New York 21st District Congressional race. The ballots in the race were ordered impounded by a state supreme court justice yesterday, and a recount, if one is ordered, could take some time. Martha Foley spoke with Brian Mann, who's covering the race at Bill Owens headquarters in Plattsburgh.

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They’ve got a big screen set up where people can see the returns and they’ve got various TV networks up on different screens and so everyone is here kind of just watching those very early returns come in and of course things will start accelerating here as more polls close.

Anybody from the Owens campaign there? Are you getting any sense from any of them?

No. At this point really not and I think what we're going to see tonight is a test of just how much of a incumbency Bill Owens has managed to build over three years, whether the kind of quite campaign he ran is enough for a Democrat in a district like this one where there is a very large voter enrollment advantage for Republicans. Owens of course voted in a very centrist way. A lot of kind of middle in the road votes but we will see tonight whether that was enough to center him in a way that would work for a majority of voters. Polls of course before tonight showing this to be a very very close race, only a one point difference between the candidates.

And we had another sign just how close that race may be. The Owens campaign filed for an impound order and all the ballots in that race will be impounded. Of course we will get unofficial results but this will complicate the official count possibly.

You know I think this is really kind of new normal posture for politicians in close races. The 2000 elections for Democrats a lot of Democrats felt they lost that presidential race because they weren’t lawyered up and ready to go. And in this case you see well what you often see now when races seem close that they're just taking no chances, and making it clear they will fight tooth and nail all the way to the courts if that’s what it takes and so not really a surprise in a close election. We'll just see tonight whether if it will be close enough that kind of thing becomes necessary.


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