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The Doheny family watches election results. Photo: David Winters
The Doheny family watches election results. Photo: David Winters

Waiting continues in Doheny HQ

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David Sommerstein is at the Matt Doheny campaign Headquarters in Watertown. He spoke to Martha at just after 11:00 p.m.

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David, we’ve been watching this race go back and forth—see sawing—all night long. What’s the mood down there at Doheny headquarters?

It’s pretty incredible. I mean, people are really standing on mound, paying close attention to the TV, and, you know, they clap when they see Doheny go up, even if he goes up by a couple hundred votes. He goes down, you know, they sort of look away from the TV, you know, if they go down by a couple hundred votes. But it’s just see-sawing now by the minute and with 24,000 absentee ballots sent out in this district, you know, it could be tough to find a winner tonight.

The other complication is that the ballots have been ordered impounded if, you know—that order could be lifted if it’s not a close race, but it certainly, for the last two hours, has been as neck-and-neck as the campaign made it seem like it would be. So if that’s the case, then all of these ballots are sent down to Albany, with the election commissioners of each of the twelve counties. They’ve got to secure all the ballots and the voting materials and get down to Albany on Friday and possibly agree on ground rules for opening them and recounting, I guess.

Yeah, I believe that a judge would, you know, with that impoundment, in part means is that a judge would have to determine the ground rules and, you know, what would happen next, so, you know, because there has been that impoundment asked for by the Owens campaign, you know, you could see a sort of lengthy recount in this race if it comes to that. 

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