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Voter leaving Dekalb Town Hall on Election Day. Photo: Natasha Haverty
Voter leaving Dekalb Town Hall on Election Day. Photo: Natasha Haverty

Voter voxpop: Moments around St. Lawrence County

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St. Lawrence County saw strong voter turn out on Tuesday. Reporter Natasha Haverty captured some audio portraits of the North Country.

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Volunteers helping people vote inside Dekalb Town Hall on Election Day. Photo: Natasha Haverty A table of first-time voters at St. Lawrence University. Photo: Natasha Haverty Carl Colton, election inspector in Canton for 25 years. Photo: Natasha Haverty

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Reported by

Natasha Haverty
Reporter and Producer


Election inspecting for a quarter century

At six o’clock Tuesday evening, lines of people coming from work to vote were snaking out the door. Carl Colton was one of the election inspectors at the Human Resources Building on Route 310, one of the polling places in Canton. He's volunteered as an election inspector for 25 years, and lived in Canton since 1954.


Kindergarten pollsters 

For many people around the North Country yesterday, voting was a family event. One mother brought her five-year-old daughter along for the experience, although she'd already cast her vote with the rest of her classmates earlier that day.


The ladies behind the curtain 

The polling places around the North Country on Tuesday were staffed with local volunteers fulfilling what many called their civic duty. Sophie Chilton, Judy Slaransky, Suzanne Conklin, Sheila Krieg, and Linda Hollenbaugh staffed the polling place at the Dekalb Town Hall, and they pulled back the curtain on some of the challenges they face when helping people vote.


Voting cheek to cheek

Some couples made voting into a romantic night out here in the North Country on Tuesday. Natasha Haverty caught up with one couple, Holly and Joe Wisniewski, who she spotted voting side by side in Canton.


First time voters

For many college students in the North Country, Tuesday was their first experience voting. Robert Montgomery, Blake Holcomb, Noah Bradford-Fitch, and Benjamin Landry, were all first time voters this year and students at St. Lawrence University. Natasha Haverty spoke with them at the dining hall on campus.







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