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Books: "London Underground"

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Canton writer Chris Angus has written another historical thriller. In London Underground, a search for hidden treasures and artifacts leads several citizens beneath London's underground. The novel includes secrets, spies, an ancient disease and a Nazi V-2 rocket. He told Todd Moe that London is one of his favorite cities. Chris will sign copies of his book on Saturday, December 15th, at the Brewer Bookstore in Canton, from 1 - 3 pm.

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Todd Moe
Morning Host and Producer

Angus visited London for the first time 50 years ago with his parents when he was a boy. Since most people know something about the history of England, he tried to look for a story that wasn’t very well known. This led him to underground London, where there is massive amount of history dating back to the Roman Empire underneath the city streets.

The book opens in the reign of King Henry VIII, during the time of the English sweat, a disease that was all over England and Europe during the 1500s, but has never returned since. In this thriller, Angus brings it back via a biological weapon crafted by the Nazis during WWII.

The book’s two heroes, a director for the British museum and a Scotland Yard inspector, go below the city and discover disease-infested rats as well as another ancient infestation. Angus says what Churchill does as a result will bring down the modern-day English government.

Angus said that he likes to “combine different periods in history, have a very fast paced plot, and try to bring it all together at the end with a twist and a surprise.” In the process, the story unearths a treasure from King Henry VIII, a Nazi plot involving the research of a real scientist who won the Nobel prize, a mysterious disease, and criminal actions of current day politicians.

A significant part of the book takes part in Norway, where an espionage group is trying to stop the Nazi biological threat. It is a tale, “that’s going to have you looking under your covers, I think, at night.”

Angus said he enjoys bringing different time periods together that people think they can’t be related. And in this story, Angus draws on the style of his mother, also a mystery writer, whose fascination with the sciences colored her novels.

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