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Startup aims to simplify hospital admissions process

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Prepping for surgery can be a long, paper-driven process. A patient often has to sit on the phone detailing their medical history for a nurse -- again. Now, a Syracuse-area start-up is taking that process digital, and seeing surprising results.

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Ryan Delaney
Reporter, The Innovation Trail

Mike Horning and Dan Coholan started Simple Admit three years ago from an office in Baldwinsville, northwest of Syracuse.

The web-based program allows patients to fill out all the forms on their medical history, medications they're on, and so forth, on their time, and from home, instead of having to do it in a waiting room or over the phone.

When the pair started out, they hoped about a third of patients would use their system. But they're seeing an uptake averaging around 71 percent. And here's the surprising thing: Coholan says the demographic you'd think would be the most averse to using it - the elderly - are some of its most avid users.

Coholan thinks the reason is that older patients pay more attention to their health care. Or they involve more tech-savvy family members.

At the end of last year, Simple Admit was in a dozen doctor's offices. They've since grown to a hundred surgery centers across 32 states.

At first, there was some pushback from office staff that the program would replace them. But the Simple Admit founders say their software simply frees nurses up from clerical work to do more patient care.

Coholan says patients are even being more honest when they can fill out the paperwork themselves, instead of having to relate personal information over the phone. "I wish we could say we were that smart when we first built it, but that wasn't really the case. All of these little plusses have come off this that has made this just a really innovative piece."

Simple Admit customizes their service for each new doctor's office, and the company is confident it'll double its current size sometime next year.

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